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Many people have opted to work from home, considering all its excellent benefits. The work schedule is more flexible—there’s no need to rush and struggle through the daily commute, and you get more quality time to bond with the family. Another great benefit of working from home is saving more since you no longer have to spend on gas and dining out. These are all enough reasons to get your work done from the comforts of home.

Still, there are a few disadvantages to working from home. First, there are the usual distractions, from family members going in and out of the house, pets, and the TV on (especially when younger children need to be distracted). Additionally, you tend to be more relaxed, taking time and spending more hours in bed or focusing on other things instead of work. An excellent way to solve the problem is to build a garden office.

Most of us know what a home office is. We find an area within the house that is not frequently used, preferably a room, and set up a workplace to provide privacy while we conduct our business. On the other hand, a garden office is located outside the home within the property. If you have a yard, you can enjoy the outdoors, keep yourself free from distractions from everything inside the house, and have an excellent garden view. You can start building a garden shed, making use of log lap cladding that is perfect for sheds and durable enough to withstand the elements in the outdoors. Below are some helpful tips for building a garden office.


1. Plan your design

Imagine what you want your garden office to look like. Consider a design that is suitable for your property and complements the style of your house. If you like certain design features in your home interior, you may incorporate them in your garden office. Seek inspiration from other garden offices and use your creativity to set up a garden office that suits your taste and accommodates all that you need for work.


2. Ensure that your garden office is fully supplied with water and electricity

Since it is an office, you want to be comfortable while working there. Electricity is essential for heating, especially during the winter. When the weather is too warm outside, you can also have an air conditioner installed. Moreover, you need Wi-Fi service to work, so electricity is a must. Also, it is best to have a water supply if you install a sink. Your comfort is a must so that you can work efficiently.


3. Keep your garden office secure

Your garden office is outdoors, so you must ensure it is secure. You have office equipment and other essential items here, and you can never tell when burglars decide to carry on with their illegal activities in your garden office. Install a sturdy lock system to protect your office items and valuables.

Setting up a garden office in a natural setting is an excellent idea. You are still within your property but can carry on with work without disruptions.