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With technology advancement and the many brands coming up with each rising sun, it could be a daunting task to find the best under sink filters for your home.

It even gets harder when you have to have a water filter in your house because the water you are using is not exactly safe for consumption.

Compromising this situation could do a lot more harm to you and your loved ones. So, getting a water filter system becomes inevitable.

While there are so many filters in the market, you could get confused as to which one you should get. In today’s articles we are going to talk about the under sink water filters.

These are water filters that are fitted in your kitchen under the sink in the storage area. But do not worry as they are not going to take up all the space. On the contrary, they only use up a portion, depending on the type of filter.

Your kitchen also remains tidy, organized and clean as you don’t need to move items around to create space for the filter.

Prices range according to the type of filter, quality, durability, and brand. Reading purewaterguide.net can give you more ideas. Find out what you want to filter then decide on the type and brand that will suit you best.


How Under Sink Filters Works

There are two main processes that under sink water filters use.

Reverse Osmosis, which gets rid of larger particles using high pressure that are then disposed as waste and stored in a separate tank.

Activated Carbon uses cartridge filters which can be replaced. While water is passed through this activated carbon, it gets purified through the reactions caused. This method is best for water with chemicals and pesticides.


The Installation Process

The installation process depends on the type of filter. However, most of them are installed permanently under your sink.

The installation process is easy and you can do it yourself with no one’s assistance. The instruction manual should be enough to help you with the installation.

You can also make use of the many videos on the internet or call the manufacturer who will always be ready to help.


5 Reasons to Get an Under Sink Water Filter

There are many reasons as to why you should get an under sink water filter. Here are the main ones;

  • They are most effective and efficient. A high quality under sink water filter will get rid of 99% of many contaminants in the water.
  • Get rid of chloramine and have some fresh water, tasting and smelling better.
  • These are cheaper compared to many other filters.
  • Permanent installation under the sink will save you the hustle of ever needing to remove it for a long time. Unless you want to move it to a different spot.
  • Low maintenance and high longevity. These Can last up to 6 months before needing to replace filters.

2020 Best Under Sink Water Filters

Here are some of the best Under Sink Water Filter Systems you should check out if you are looking to buy one.


1.    Aquasana AQ-5300

This is one of the most effective water filters. It eliminates up to 99% chloramines and of more than 77 contaminants and doesn’t reduce Total Dissolve Solids (TDS).

It has a fast flow rate and you can be sure to fill at least half a gallon every minute of fresh, clean, and healthy water, ready to consume.

The installation process is easy just as is the replacement of filters. There is no disconnection of hoses while changing filters; you just pull out the old filter for the new one to snap in.

This is also a more affordable and reliable option if you have a tight budget.


2.    iSpring RCC7AK

iSpring RCC7AK is a 6-Stage Under Sink Water Filter that uses reverse osmosis process. It removes over 100 contaminants and offers 99% of filtration.

The package comes with an instruction manual to help you install the filter easily. There are also a ton of videos online that you can use in case need be, or you can call the customer support team from the manufactures for further assistance.

The filter comes with a one month money back guarantee and up to 10 years warranty, and a lifetime customer support.

It has the capacity to provide 75 gallons of water per day, so you and your family can never run out of clean healthy water to drink.


3.    Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis is a 7-stage water filtration system to give the best and the healthiest water.

It is easy to install and has a fast flow rate so you can get plenty of clean water throughout the day.

The tankless design helps minimize and prevent leakage and ensures the water filtered is safe to drink.

It fits well under a standard sink and you have nothing to worry about space in your kitchen and storage space under your sink.

If you are looking to get a filter that has a fast flow rate, filters more than 99% of contaminants, and guarantees healthy water, then you should go for Water Drop Reverse Osmosis.