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Hiring professional cleaners for your home or office is a great way to free up your time for more important tasks. However, not all cleaning services are created equal, which is why it is important to verify the service you are paying for is the one you want. Here are 10 key things to look for when hiring professional cleaners, whether it is for your home or the office.


1. Experience and References

An established cleaning service like Sweepy Cleaners, with numerous years in business, is ideal because they will have more experience and be more familiar with the homes and offices in your area. Plus, the staff they have on their payroll are likely to be more reliable and experienced.

Ask for references from past clients to get feedback on their quality of work. Experienced cleaners are more likely to do a thorough job, which is important.


2. Bonding and Insurance

Make sure any potential cleaning service is bonded and insured. This protects you in case of theft or damage to your property. Reputable services will happily provide proof of bonding and insurance. If they can’t provide this, look for a different provider.


3. Supplies and Equipment

The cleaning crew should bring their own commercial-grade supplies and equipment. This includes vacuums, mops, cleaning solutions, and anything else needed to properly clean your home or office.


4. Background Checks

Professional cleaners should conduct background checks on all employees. This gives you peace of mind that only trustworthy individuals will have access to your home or business. Ask about their background check process, and if they can’t provide any information, look for a cleaning company that can. The last thing you want is a cleaner who’s more interested in pilfering your valuables than mopping the kitchen floor.


5. Professionalism and Uniforms

The cleaners should conduct themselves professionally and arrive in uniform. This conveys organization and helps ensure quality control. Be wary of services that allow casual dress. Even smaller cleaning companies typically provide their employees with a t-shirt or overalls that have a company logo.


6. Services Offered

Make sure the cleaning company offers all the services you need. For residential cleaning, this may include dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window washing, and more. Commercial spaces may require special services like carpet shampooing or cleaning carried out at specific times of the day.


7. Green Cleaning

Many customers today desire green cleaning options that use natural and non-toxic products, as these are better for the environment. See if the cleaning service offers green or eco-friendly products if this is important to you.


8. Scheduling and Availability

Choose a cleaning service that offers scheduling flexibility suitable for your needs. Residential services often offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments. Commercial cleaners may require daily, nightly, or weekend service.


9. Pricing and Contracts

Reputable cleaning companies will provide upfront pricing, usually based on square footage. Be wary of those who only provide quotes after walking through your home or facility. Also, ask about any required contracts and cancellation policies.


10. Communication

Look for cleaning firms who are responsive in their communications with you. They should provide phone and email contact info for any questions or concerns. The best services will also follow up to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the quality of the work being done. They will also do quality checks at various intervals, so consistency is maintained.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate cleaning services on these criteria will help ensure you hire a professional team who will provide top-notch results. Do your homework to find cleaners who offer the specialized services your home or business needs.