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Sometimes, you take a long look at your house and wish the entire look and construct could change to a more fancy one, right? The truth is you are not alone!

From changing bathtubs in the bathroom to changing shower enclosures, paints or removing the cabinets, there is no limit to what you might want to change in the house!

Statistics show that 90% of homeowners want to remodel or change the look of their houses. Also, up to 68 percent of homeowners who want to sell their houses plan to remodel them.

If you don’t travel much, you are stuck with the same view and home arrangements for months and even years. We generally love diversity, a new look, and a fresh experience.

Now that you are convinced that it is normal to crave a new look and model for your house, what is probably next in your line of thought is the cost!

There is no denying how expensive house remodeling can be in times like this. However, if you have a budget you want to stay with, the following are 10 things you should avoid if you don’t want to go above your budget.


1.   Making Unrealistic Budgets

Not having a realistic or workable budget is the first step into failure in house remodeling.

Be reasonable. The house of your dreams is linked to how fat your income is. Trying to remodel your home with a huge budget but a meager income is like trying to buy a Lamborghini with a dollar bill.

For every level of your income, there is a makeover that will blow your mind. You can change light electrical appliances, get new clawfoot tubs for your bathroom, rearrange your bathroom design, or paint some sections of the house.

Take a breather and don’t go for the heavy-duty remodeling if your purse can’t help you do so.


2.   Not Getting a Remodeling Permit

Jack remodeled his home without a permit so I don’t need to get one’. First, you are not Jack. Second, Jack might have been lucky with the law but you may not be.

If you are working with a team, try to ask if there is a law in your state or country that necessitates the need for a permit.

In states where you need a permit to remodel your house, you can be delayed or stopped from carrying out any remodeling steps if you don’t have one. It can be disappointing if you’re told to stop work after getting acrylic paint, fiberglass clawfoot tubs, tiles, or washing basins. You can only imagine the waste!


3.   Taking Looks Over Function
Looks can be intriguing. Getting fancy equipment for your house makes every corner of the house glow differently. However, what use is a pink faucet or glowing towel holder if it cannot do its job.

So, when getting the doorknob, window placement, or even the bathtub, consider how long they will last, their function, together with the beauty they give.


4.   Not Thinking of Lights

In bathrooms, for example, lighting is everything! Many aspects of the remodeling steps lie in how strategic light is placed.

The same thing goes for other parts of the house. When various lighting colors are placed, it gives the house remodeling a new look. However, if the lighting is not considered, it is like wearing a mask after using makeup!


5.   Choosing a Remodeler Without Being Thorough

Perhaps you are too busy and you cannot afford the stress of being thorough. So you are like, ‘I am going with the first remodeler I see’. Then, you may safely conclude that your house may turn out bad-looking.

When it comes to remodeling your house, you need to compare the remodelers available. Put their thought process, cost, style, personality, and experience side by side.

There must be a connection. The remodeler must not impose their thoughts but should communicate their style appropriately. If you select one on a whim, without considering any of these points, your expectations will not be met and the project will end up in disappointment.


6.   Ignoring Safety Measures

If you have ever had a wrench drop on your foot, you would understand the importance of this point, especially if you want to remodel their house yourself. The DIY group is mostly the culprits in this case.

Wear your safety boots, helmets and glasses! Protect yourself from everything while carrying out the tasks. If you are working with a group of contractors or remodelers, remind them of their safety. It won’t hurt if you do so.


7.   Not Creating Detailed Plans

A remodeler will only do the best of his taste not of your own. You know what you want. Therefore, tell the contractor what you want in detail.

Tell him the color of the bathtub designs, whether the bathtub is with showers or not, where you want your flowers to be, where the lighting should be, and whether you prefer a modern bathtub or vintage clawfoot tub, etc. Just saying you need remodeling would not suffice. Tell the remodeler to what extent.


8.   Doing Everything Yourself

Being a jack of all trades is a bad idea for house remodeling. This point is specifically for those who always ‘do things themselves’. Yes, the DIY group!

Hey! You can’t be a plumber, electrician, mason, tiler, painter, and carpenter all at the same time. Even if you can, you cannot do a perfect job for each of your needs! Pick a need you excel at and try to contact experts in other fields.


9.   Ignoring Your Home Architecture

The cool house modeling designs you see on Instagram will not always be the best for you. There is a need to consider the structure your house has.

Modern house adjustment is good but make sure the adjustment complements the architectural style of the house. So you won’t end up with a weird design.


10. Impulse Buying

Don’t buy materials randomly! Consult your remodeler and know what you need to buy. There are many things you will buy but wouldn’t need if you buy things on impulse.



Planning your house’s new look is not something you can do all by yourself. You need the right strategy and experts.

If you avoid the tips we have provided, you will end up with the design of your dreams. You don’t have to make mistakes with your remodeling. Ensure you put everything in place for your remodeling to work.