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There are lots of things you don’t want in your home; wild animals, the neighbor’s cat, a party of teenagers! But, fortunately, for the most part, our homes are our safe havens away from those things we don’t want to see or deal with. Until they’re not.


Sadly, sometimes, no matter how hard you might try, there will be an infestation of some kind in your home. Whether it’s bugs, bees, or bats, you might find something not-so-friendly living in your loft. Some of these things can be particularly harmful to both you and your home. Here are 7 of the top pests harmful to your house.



Without a doubt, termites have to be number one on the property damage list. Any sign of termites means an immediate call to a pest control service, as you want these things to be dealt with as quickly as possible. They are truly a nightmare. In fact, they cause an estimated 5 billion US dollars a year in damage!


Termites are so small that they’re often not noticed until it’s too late. They eat away at wood and other materials used to build homes. If you see tiny holes in wooden surfaces, have wooden items that are falling apart, or notice saggy walls or floorboards, you might have a termite problem. Get a pest service to check your house out right away.



Though ants are not quite as hungry as termites may be when it comes to your home’s surfaces, they are still quite frustrating. Once they’re in, they’re in. You may think you can find a way to keep them out, but they’ll keep finding their way back in. Ants can cause food contamination and some types will bite humans and pets.


When it comes to the home, the main types of ants to look for are carpenter ants. These little guys will eat the wooden surfaces in your home, just like termites. If you see sawdust under wooden surfaces, you’ll need a professional to check for ants or termites.



No one likes cockroaches, that’s just a fact. They are dirty and carry disease, while they can also cause nasty allergies and skin reactions. They won’t damage your home as such, but they’ll certainly make it feel gross and potentially dangerous with their droppings. If you see anything that looks like coffee grounds and smells nasty, you may have an infestation. Check damp dark areas to see if any roaches are lurking.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a literal nightmare. Almost impossible to see and therefore often impossible to trace, they love to live in mattresses and blankets alike. They cause serious itchiness and can have quite potent bites on them. Not only that, but their feces will leave copper-colored stains on your bed. If you have bed bugs, professional treatment is essential, as leaving them untreated will allow them to multiply at an alarming rate.


Fruit Flies

Everyone’s left some food out a bit longer than they should have or maybe left a half-drunk beer on the side overnight. And then what happens? Fruit flies appear. Once again, these tiny creatures can multiply so fast that you can have an infestation on your hands before you know it. Their hopping from rotten fruit to open salad means that you’re putting your family’s health at risk by not treating them as soon as possible.



Much like bed bugs, fleas are really tiny and hard to spot. They often live on our pets, which means there is one giveaway as to whether there are fleas or not: your pet will itch. If you have a cat or dog who is constantly scratching, it’s time to treat them for fleas. You should do this regularly anyway, as fleas can easily migrate to beds and carpets, waiting to bite humans!


Mice and Rats

Not a “bug” as such, but mice and rats are definitely worth a mention. They cause multiple threats to the home. They gnaw and burrow away at your hard surfaces whilst making their home and looking for your food. Once they find your food, you may spot mouse droppings all over it, making your food extremely unsafe to eat. They are a terrible pest in the home and should be dealt with by professionals if you find multiple mice or rats running around.


These pests should be treated and removed as soon as possible by an expert pest control team. Failure to do so could lead to sickness, expensive repair bills, and dirty homes. Get rid of pests as soon as you can, so that your house feels homely, safe, and clean.