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One of the questions that often come up with solar installations is, “what are the benefits of the service?” For both commercial and residential users, this question has a fair amount of merit and influence. After all, knowing why you should switch to a newer product or service is one of the key reasons to do such a thing.


However, as solar installers like Colz Electric and other companies can attest, the benefits of solar installation are obvious and varied. You get the concrete benefits of saving money and having more control over the energy in your home, but you also access more profound benefits like understanding how much power you use and where you use it.


Below, we look at some of the main benefits that come with a solar installation so that you can more fully understand the capabilities of this equipment. There are many items to get through, so let’s not waste any time!


The Benefits of Solar Power in Your Home


More Attention is Paid

Perhaps the most profound benefit of solar installations is that you pay more attention to your energy consumption. This may not describe your current situation exactly, but what does your current system look like? You get an energy bill, see the amount and pay it as always? If so, that’s a fairly standard response.


Sure, some people try to dig into the differences in their bills and notice trends like higher usage in winter months or a dip after replacing an old, inefficient appliance, but for the most part, these bills are a vaporous thing in our lives that we just expect to spend money on to live comfortable lives.


But, when you make the switch to solar energy, all the power you consume becomes much more important. If you are planning to add batteries to your system, their capacity will need to be measured against your consumption. Even the number of solar panels you will need is based on your average energy consumption.


This is why most people start with energy audits when debating a switch to solar energy. Knowing where your power is spent, how accurately it is tracked, and what the biggest factors are can all help you understand better how you use your energy. Knowing this will cause you to reflect on your use, reduce it where possible and actively consider it during use. This is a major benefit.

Consumption is Offset

With a proper understanding of where your energy consumption comes from, you will be able to reduce your energy bills. When you switch to solar, you will further reduce your payments as you will be generating your own electricity. You cannot always rely on the power generated, however, as overcast days and seasonal changes can make it an intermittent power source. Still, even with a bit of inconsistency, you are likely to recoup the cost of your investment in a short amount of time.


Emergency Power is Available

With battery systems installed alongside your solar power system, you gain access to another key benefit of the service, which is emergency power. Emergency power can mean the difference between your sump pump running a few extra hours or having enough time to contact someone for help. In short, it provides you with the extra security you need in dangerous or life-threatening scenarios.