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When the time comes you have to install a new roof, the variety of options in the market can make the selection a challenge. Asphalt shingles have been preferred by homeowners for their affordability, reliability, and easy maintenance. However, with the variety of choices available, you should consider other options, including metal roofing. A metal roof is gaining popularity for its durability, long life span, and various styles.

If you’re in doubt on what to choose, it might be best to know the differences between metal roof vs asphalt shingles.


A Close Look At Asphalt Shingles

The most widespread type of roofing material is no other than asphalt. Today, you can find three types of asphalt shingles, such as:

  • Three-tab asphalt shingles
  • Dimensional shingles provide an attractive random pattern or mimic the appearance of a wood shake roof
  • Premium or luxury shingles are more prominent than other asphalt shingles and strikingly look like slate

The three-tab asphalt shingles were popular back then, but the dimensional shingles are more popular today and installed on most roofs. As for the luxury or premium shingles, they have a higher price tag.

A Close Look At Metal Roofing

Another popular roofing material next to asphalt shingles is metal. Take note that there are two types of metal roofing systems:

  • A standing-seam metal roof involves a series of panels that lock together at the seams or connect mechanically. It enables the panels to expand and contract freely when the metal warms up.
  • In a screw-down metal roof, the roofing contractor screws down the metal panels, which doesn’t leave enough space for expansion and contraction.


Asphalt Shingles Vs Metal Roofing

When you find it hard to decide on which roofing material to choose, it’s best to learn the differences between the two in terms of critical elements, such as cost, lifespan, maintenance, and warranties, to find the right one for your needs.

  1. Cost

The installation of a new roof is an investment. When investing in a big project, especially a roof, it’s vital to consider your budget.

Asphalt shingles are an affordable option than a metal roof. The metal panels have a higher price tag than the asphalt shingles. A metal roof also requires specialized skill and labor to install, which will add up to the costs.

If you’re on a budget, asphalt roofing might be the right choice. In case you can afford to splurge on a metal roof, it can last for 50 years or longer, making it a worthy investment in the long run.

  1. Lifespan

When the roof undergoes proper installation and is well-ventilated, it’s likely to reach the manufacturer’s specified lifespan.

A metal roof is likely to stand the test of time than an asphalt shingle roof. A dimensional shingle roof usually has a lifespan of up to 30 years, while a standing-seam metal roof can endure up to 50 years.

Although a metal roof will last longer than an asphalt shingles roof, it’s not an essential factor for some, especially if they don’t have plans to live in their current homes for good. Nevertheless, if it will be your forever home, investing in a roof with a longer lifespan is a worthwhile investment.

  1. Warranty

The warranty is in place to protect you and your roof from any future issues. It’s vital to have a warranty on the materials and the contractor’s workmanship when getting a new roof. Remember that the workmanship warranty varies on the roofing contractor you’ll hire.

Asphalt shingles usually come with a 30-year warranty on the materials. As for metal roof panels, they come with a 30-year paint warranty, including the protective coating on the panels.

  1. Maintenance

As part of roof maintenance, it involves inspection of all the vulnerable sections on the roof. Depending on the roofing material, the maintenance can be yearly, bi-annual, or quarterly.

An asphalt shingles roof requires maintenance and inspection at least once a year. When you have a standing seam metal roof, it requires no maintenance at all. However, it doesn’t mean that checks are no longer necessary. Occasional inspections can help detect any future issues. As for a screw-down panel metal roof, it requires more maintenance. Over time, the pressure brought about by the inability to expand and contract will cause perforations in the washers.

Take note that any roofing material requires some form of maintenance. A metal roof, however, is going to require less maintenance than an asphalt roof though.



If you want a cost-effective option, an asphalt shingles roof might be the best option, but it has a shorter lifespan and needs maintenance. Although a metal roof will cost more, it has a longer lifespan and is low-maintenance, especially the standing-seam variant.

Depending on your budget and preferences, the differences between an asphalt shingles roof and a metal roof will help you decide on the suitable roof for your home.