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There are always some complications bound to happen when you build or renovate a house. This is why you should find a competent, honest, and reliable roofing contractor for your house. That way, you’ll rest assured that your house’s roofing is in safe hands.


Knowing the importance of a competent roofing contractor, how do you find one? Following the tips below to help find a good roofing contractor.


  1. Ask For Recommendations From Your Folks


Some consider word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations an odd way of getting information about contractors in this digital age, but personal recommendations are actually useful. When you seek information from family, friends, and neighbors, there’s a higher chance they’ll refer you to a well-known roofing contractor who has offered them similar services in times past.


The use of personal recommendation is especially useful because having used the contractor before, the people you asked can testify to the contractor’s efficiency and competence. This is a good way of knowing if the contractor is well-experienced enough to do the job. Also, since the contractor is known by the people you trust, it reduces the possibility of you getting scammed.

  1. Check Online Reviews


Aside from recommendations and referrals, you can go online to check out roofing contractors near you. Google would bring you different names of roofing contractors, but how will you know the right contractor to hire out of the numerous choices? This is when you’ll check online reviews.


Through online reviews about roofing contractors, you can further narrow down your contractor choices. For instance, contractors like Jackson Contracting Inc. – roofer contractors encourages potential customers to check their online reviews.  A confident contractor with a good reputation will encourage you to search out their customer history to remove all doubts when it comes to their capability.


More so, checking online reviews can also help you avoid bad contractors. People are always quick to show their grievances online, especially if they’re not satisfied with service deliveries.


  1. Roofer’s Warranty Offer


Whether you got to know the proposed roofer through recommendations or an online search, it’s essential for you to find out about the roofer’s warranty.


Try to find out what your proposed contractor will do if the roof was not installed properly. Will the contractor fix or replace it, or it’s no longer the contractor’s concern? What about if the roof gets blown away by wind due to improper installation or using wrong roofing materials? What’s the assurance that the contractor will fix it without further charges or probably give you discounts?


Knowing the answer to these questions will nudge you on whether to choose the roofing contractor or not. It’s worth knowing that a good roofing contractor will provide clients some form of warranty.


  1. License and Certification


License and Certification is an important detail you need to put into consideration when choosing a roofing contractor. The roof is the house’s major shield from weather elements, which is why you need to pay close attention to the person who helps with your roofing. Besides, it’s very disastrous when roofs leak and the damage can be extensive. One of your best bets for avoiding this is hiring a competent roofer.


To know that the roofer is competent enough to get the job done, check the roofing contractor’s licenses and certifications and insurance. To show that the contractor is a professional, request to see a copy of your proposed roofer’s professional documents. (Note that licensing and/or registration is not required in all parts of the globe.  If you are unsure, check with your local town building department)


It’s equally important to ascertain whether the documents are authentic and updated. Licenses and certifications also help determine if the staff and workers of the roofing contractor are competent as well. This is because the roofing contractor will not want to lose their license by hiring incompetent staff and workers.


  1. Estimate/Quote Comparison


It’s advisable for you to requests roofing quotes from two to three different roofing contractors, which you’ve carefully selected by following the tips above. After getting the estimates from all chosen contractors, compare them.


This will help you make a selection of which of the contractors to hire. Take into consideration important factors, like the prices, quality of roofing materials to be used, and the professionalism of the customer service personnel.


The pricing is of importance. You need to be sure your chosen contractor doesn’t charge overly high prices. The prices shouldn’t be freakishly low as well. Unreasonably low prices could mean that the roofing contractor is not competent, they plan to use sub-par roofing materials, or they plan to rush the work. Choose the contractor who fits the bill for your roofing contact.




What is a house with a bad roof? Dangerous. To avoid the dangerous risks that come with living in a house with a bad roof, you should only select the best of the best roofer to fix or install your house’s roof.


Some of the ways to get the best roof contractors in your area include asking for personal recommendations, checking for online reviews, and requesting to see their insurances, license and certifications.