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There are millions of people out there who love the apartment and condo life and don’t want that green, pristine lawn with the picket fence. There’s just something very soothing for many about living in a building with other people, yet having their own private space. Maybe it’s the security, or perhaps having neighbours in closer proximity. Or maybe it’s just less upkeep and more affordable. For whatever reason, condos are huge on the market today, but that doesn’t make the right one any easier to search for.


If you’re at all interested in condo rentals or perhaps finding one you can buy outright, here are some tips you may want to implement to find that one condo that’s just right for you and your particular needs.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Condo


1: Focus on the Fit

The first thing you should be looking for is a condo that’s the right fit for you and your lifestyle. A lot of people who rent and live in condos are single, and so they don’t need a three or four-bedroom huge space with plenty of bathrooms. This is going to cost too much, present too much upkeep, and will never really feel like home and just end up feeling like empty, unused space. So the first step here is to really focus on what sort of fit you require for your living space.


2: Go Through a Good Company

When seeking condo rentals in your area, one of the first things you always want to do is to go through a superior real estate company to help. Sure, you can spend a lot of time looking through personal ads and other areas to find these condos, but working with an actual qualified agency is just going to save you so much time and hassle. They can translate what you want into actual results, saving you a ton of time and energy. That’s what they’re there for.


3: Find Out What’s Included

Next up, you really need to find out what’s included with your condo. Do you get to park nearby for free? What are the trash pickup fees? Is there an en suite laundry system or will you have to go elsewhere? Look at all of these different aspects of condo living and more. For instance, condos aren’t homes, so they don’t have yards; but is there a publicly shared space? A pool, a gym, a recreation area? Check to see what the property’s offering you before you decide on it.


4: View the Area

Speaking of the area offered, you may want to look at nearby parks, how close you are to shopping centers, and other important things. Most people who live in condos are actually a lot more active than people who have homes because they don’t have yards, or large gyms or game rooms because of not having basements, etc. So make sure that the condo you’re eyeing is in an area that works for you. You wouldn’t want to have to travel a great distance just to get exercise, for example


5: Make Sure You Can Finance It

While last on the list, it’s probably most important that you make sure you can swing the rent/financing. The reason this is listed last is that the last thing you’re going to do after selecting a condo is to see if you can qualify. Even if only renting, you may need to come up with a hefty chunk of change upfront, so you’re definitely going to want to see if you can swing this. Though it’s better to wait until you have a condo selected, so you know precisely how much money you’re going to need, instead of just guessing at a random amount.


There are a lot of different condos in the area that you may enjoy. Just remember that you should follow the tips above so that you know precisely what you’re getting into. You wouldn’t want to rent a condo only to find out about hidden HOA fees, shared laundry, expensive trash pickup, and other things that you weren’t aware of. So use these tips to go in with your eyes open.