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For many folks, finding an insulation contractor is a fairly niche activity. In residential construction, for example, there are few occasions to add or fix insulation after the initial build, unless a home addition is being added. And the home builders who do the initial construction likely have a trusted and chosen insulation company already. The same setup exists to some degree in the industrial and commercial construction sectors.


As a result, when an individual does need to find an insulation contractor, it can be a bit more difficult than, say, finding a plumber or electrician. Of course, this is the perfect time to bring up hpspray.com, which can take care of all your residential, commercial and industrial insulation needs. Still, if you aren’t in the Calgary area, there are ways to find the right insulation contractor for your project.

The Traits of a Good Insulation Contractor

While this method requires a bit more digging than just phoning up the pros at HP Spray, it is a foolproof way to get the right insulation contractor on your side. All you need to do is phone up the three frontrunners for your business and ask some questions on these topics:

  • Experience
  • Materials/ available services
  • Pricing
  • Professionalism



Education is an important part of anyone’s professional career and should not be overlooked. However, there is simply no replacement for relevant, hands-on experience with a skill. When it comes to insulation companies, you should select those with the most experience, balanced against the other traits we discuss below.


Materials/ Available Services

The insulation industry continues to innovate with every passing year as every good industry should. This means that new products become available that are cheaper, more user-friendly, longer-lasting, better for the environment and with better coverage. You should consider these innovations when discussing the project with any potential insulation company.


For a good example of leading-edge products, consider Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield™. This environmentally-friendly product is easy to use, sponsored by industry professionals and capable of revolutionizing the spray foam industry. Choosing an insulation company based on their use of products like this is a solid decision.



Unfortunately, pricing will always be an important factor for professional services. You should never choose the cheapest option as this will likely lead to premature failures and a poorer quality of work. Similarly, you should not choose the most expensive option as this may not lead to significant gains over the next highest bidder.


Instead, it is best to choose a mid-range option that satisfies the other traits discussed in this article. If your options or time are limited, however, choosing one of the extreme options (highest/ lowest price) can be acceptable, as long as you are comfortable with the decision.



You can consider the rest of the traits discussed here as “concrete” examples. That is to say that they are all measurable and comparable to themselves. However, professionalism is not so straightforward and easy to measure. Instead, this trait will be almost entirely based on your intuition.


Indeed, professionalism can mean different things to different people. Some think that an insulation company is professional when they use common sense to finish the job as quickly as possible. Others think that professionalism means letting the customer have the final say, regardless of the situation. The examples could go on, but the gist is this; you should like the contractor you choose, and it’s okay to make a decision this way.