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Moving out feels like turning the page to a new adventure, but before you call on your professional Canberra movers and dive into the next chapter, let’s ensure you’re all set to say farewell to your current home. Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be overwhelming; with some organization, you’ll breeze through the tasks needed to leave your place shipshape. 

This guide will walk you through the essential to-dos after moving out. From cleaning up to sorting out legal bits and pieces, we’ve got your back on ensuring your old place bids farewell in style. Ready to set the stage for your new beginning? Let’s dive in!


Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

Ensure your former place is in top-notch shape before saying your final goodbyes. Here’s a rundown of the essential cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure the next occupants step into a sparkling clean and well-maintained space:

General Cleaning

  • Rooms: Get into every nook and cranny, dust those surfaces, wipe down windows, and give those floors a good vacuum or mop.
  • Bathrooms: Make them shine! Sanitize toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs. Don’t forget those grout lines and fixtures—they need some TLC, too.
  • Kitchen: Clean appliances, countertops, cabinets, and sinks. Make sure there’s no lingering food in the fridge or oven.
  • Floors: A thorough sweep, vacuum, and mop for all surfaces to ensure they’re spotless.

Appliance Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Appliances: Inside and out, give the fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and oven a good wipe-down.
  • HVAC Systems: Swap out air filters and tidy up those vents.
  • Check for Issues: Take a closer look at your appliances. Are any damages or repairs needed?

Repairs and Fixes

  • Walls and Paint: Patch up any holes and retouch paint where needed to keep walls looking fresh.
  • Leaks and Plumbing: Stop pesky leaks in faucets, pipes, or toilets to prevent water damage.
  • Damages: Address any fixtures, cabinets, or flooring issues—replace or fix what’s broken.

Utilities and Services

Smooth sailing during the moving-out phase hinges on clear communication and handling bills promptly. Here’s your roadmap for hassle-free utility transitions:

Notify Utility Companies

  • Electricity, Water, and Gas: Let them know your moving-out date. Arrange for final meter readings and settle any outstanding bills to avoid surprise charges after you’ve left.
  • Service Disconnection: Ensure services are disconnected post-departure to prevent additional fees.

Cancel or Transfer Services

  • Internet and Cable: Give your providers a heads-up to cancel or transfer services to your new address, avoiding post-move charges.
  • Subscriptions: Don’t forget regular subscriptions tied to your old address. Cancel these to prevent unwanted deliveries or charges.

Final Meter Readings and Bill Clearances

  • Meter Readings: Schedule a final reading for electricity, gas, and water to get accurate closing bills.
  • Clear Outstanding Bills: Pay off any pending bills with utility providers before you bid adieu to your old place. This helps steer clear of overdue charges or credit rating hiccups.

Documentation and Legal Matters

Proper documentation and attending to legal matters are key in ensuring a hiccup-free transition for everyone involved in the move-out process:

Forwarding Mail and Updating Address Info

  • Post Office Notification: Let the post office know about your change of address, ensuring that any mail sent to your old address gets forwarded to your new one.
  • Update Contacts: Inform banks, insurers, government agencies, subscriptions, and relevant parties about your new address to keep communication channels open.

Documenting the Home’s Condition

  • Visual Evidence: Capture the property’s condition with photos or videos post-move to have evidence in case of any disputes or claims related to damages.
  • Item Inventory: Make a list detailing items left, removed, or existing damages before handing over the property.

Formalizing a Lease or Property Transfer

  • Lease Termination: If you’re a tenant, ensure the proper documentation of lease termination. Discuss any issues regarding deposits, repairs, or refunds with the landlord.
  • Property Handover: For property sellers, ensure all legal paperwork concerning the property’s ownership transfer is completed and signed by all parties involved.

Security and Safety Measures

By prioritizing security measures, you’re not just ensuring a safe transition for yourself but also contributing to the safety and comfort of the property’s new occupants:

Securing Doors and Windows

  • Lock Checks: Double-check that all doors and windows are securely locked before departure to deter unauthorized access.
  • Repair Work: Fix damaged locks or hinges and ensure they function smoothly for added security.

Security Alarms or Systems

  • Transfer Ownership: If security systems are in place, arrange for the ownership transfer or subscription details to be passed on to the new occupants or deactivate them accordingly.
  • Deactivation or Transfer: Ensure security alarms or systems are either turned off (if under your use) or adequately passed on to the new residents or owner.

Handover of Keys and Access Control

  • Return of Keys: Hand over all keys, access cards, or codes to the landlord, new owner, or assigned individual.
  • Access Controls: To maintain property security standards, reset or transfer access controls like garage openers or gate codes to the new residents or property manager.

Final Inspection and Handover

Ensuring a smooth transition involves open communication and a comprehensive final inspection, bridging any potential gaps between involved parties:

Final Walkthrough Inspection

  • Schedule Together: Arrange a final inspection with the landlord or new owner.
  • Evaluate Condition: Assess the property’s condition against the initial move-in checklist, noting any alterations or concerns.

Addressing Pending Concerns

  • Discussing Issues: Use this opportunity to address any pending concerns or issues, reaching mutual agreements on necessary actions.
  • Clarify Queries: Resolve inquiries about cleaning, repairs, or damages needing attention before departure.

Completion of the Handover Process

  • Return of Keys: Hand over all property-related keys, access cards, or remotes to the designated individual.
  • Finalize Paperwork: Complete any necessary paperwork or formalities, such as lease termination or property transfer documents, ensuring legal obligations are met.


You’ve covered all the bases, ticking off each item on the list to ensure a smooth exit from your old place. As you wrap up this chapter, take pride in knowing you’ve done your part, leaving behind a home that’s ready and waiting for its next chapter with a new resident. 

Time to welcome the next chapter! You’re unlocking the door to fresh beginnings and thrilling adventures with every task checked off. Here’s to cherishing the memories made and embracing the ones waiting to be woven into the story of your new home. Cheers to the journey ahead!