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Those who love cigars must have smoke eaters in their lives. For most cigar lovers, cigar smoke has an appealing aroma. Nevertheless, non-smokers in your family or guests won’t like the smell of lingering smoke. Smoke eaters are necessary for businesses that allow cigar or cigarette smoking. The presence of smoke can overwhelm even those you usually enjoy it.

Air cleaners and smoke eaters come in handy here. In terms of choosing a commercial building, how do you know which one to choose?


Air purifiers: What to Consider When Buying:

Different smoke eaters are available for both residential and business settings. Before buying one, you might want to consider the following;


The Smoke Type

You might be dealing with cigar, hookah or cigarette smoke. From all these types, the heaviest type is cigar smoke- it is also the toughest to deal with. The most light smoke is from the hookah.


The Size Of The Smoke Eater

Smoke eaters for commercial use have more power than those for residential use. To ensure your environment is free of dangers of lingering smoke, the effectiveness of your smoke eater unit must correspond to the size of the cigar bar and number of smokers in it. Consider this:

Area size – It is important to take into account the square footage, the ceiling height, and the type of ceiling. Would you like your smoke eater mounted on a surface, against a wall, or the ceiling?

At any given time, how many people smoke in your bar?

CFM – You will need enough cubic feet per minute of airflow for the air to pass through the air cleaner enough times. To find the CFM of your room, multiply its length, width, and height by the number of air changes per hour.


Smoke Eater Types

As soon as you decide what size smoke eater would effectively handle the smoke output, you can begin looking at the different types.

Type of media – Most media units require regular filter replacements.  A media smoke eater’s biggest advantage is that they require little maintenance.  It will, however, cost you more to replace the filters.

Electrostatic Smoke Eaters – Alternatively, electronic cells can replace filters in these smoke eaters. It is necessary to clean these, but they don’t need to be replaced on a regular basis. Smoke eaters that use electrostatic technology pick up smaller particles and microns, and make comparatively less noise than those that use media.


Residential Smoke Eaters: How They Work

For homes, smoke eaters are usually smaller than those for businesses. Whole-house air purifiers can be added to HVAC systems. Cigarette and cigar smoke may not be eliminated by these units, as they are designed mainly for dust. Home smoke eaters are designed to clean a single room at a time.

You can choose from a variety of home smoke eaters. Examples include the following:


●      Carbon Air Purifier

The activated carbon in a carbon air purifier absorbs odors, smoke, and other pollutants.

●      HEPA

Filters like this trap particles as small as 0.3 microns.

●      Electronic Smoke Eater

Smoke particles can be collected using electronic units that charge them up. If you want to remove smoke quietly, opt for an electronic smoke eater.

●      Flush Mount

Flush mounts make a great smoke eater if you want something inconspicuous. When installed flush with the ceiling or  wall, no indents or protrusions are required. This smoke eater blends in well comparatively better with the décor of your home.


Smoke air purifiers: Why Do We Need Them?

Smoke eater air purifiers are designed to eliminate smoke odors and smoke from your home.

A commercial-use air purifier eliminates smoke and provides a fresh, clean and fresh-smelling working space for your business, like offices, entertainment areas, lounges, clubs, and pubs. If you are going to buy a smoke eater air purifier for your home or business, you must consider all these factors when choosing a smoke eater.

The points above are critical when getting a smoke eater; you should consider all key aspects when choosing the right commercial smoke eater for your home or business.