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There are a thousand and one ways to decorate your home and change the looks without spending much. One of which is using one of the most common home interior decoration items – the flower and the vase.

With the right pattern, colors, decorations, and good locations, you can switch up your home’s look without making drastic changes.

Here are some ways in which your simple vase and flowers can level-up the looks of your home:

Elegant and Chic Look 

To give your home a stylish and chic look, get yourself some crystal vases. With perfect lighting, they shine and sparkle when placed in the right position.

Big crystal vases are better options when going for an elegant look. Fill them with long-stemmed flowers or roses with simple color placements that are not too flashy to overshadow the beauty of the vase.

A Classy And Simple Look 

If you prefer a simple look that doesn’t cluster, yet makes a statement, then using a simple vase with flowers will suffice. You can get a metal vase that has a sort of antique look to it.

These types of ornaments can stand alone as the patterns and designs on the body serve as additional beautification. You can get them in different colors, like gold, which stand-out and helps you make a statement.

Alternatively, you can go for a simple glass vase. With simple colored flowers, like tulips, to add some brightness and lively appearance to it.

For maximum effect, place the vase at specific points, like a center table or on a medium height shelf that’s visible.

Colorful Look

If you would like your home to have a bright look, then get clay or a glass vase, both of which will be perfect for the job.

For a clay vase, you can get one that has a specific color or different colors all over it. Then, compliment with some flowers, such as yellow tulips, white and red roses, and bright peonies to add more color.

You can also use a glass vase of any shape filled with colorful pebbles and stones, and perhaps, artificial berries, and some leaves.

As an alternative, you can use beaded vases that are shinier and easier to spot with varying colors and patterns. When using a beaded vase, use artificial flowers that look and last better in it since the jar can’t hold water for a real flower to thrive. 

A Bold And Flashy Look

For a bold look that gives your home a flashy and daring look, an excellent way to go is by using plain and unique colored metal vases and match it up with a bold-colored flower composition. 

You can add lilacs for a vibrant purple look, or make use of red roses or Danilo’s blossoms in a glass vase. You can also use a glass vase filled with pink, orange, and red tulips.

A Personalized Look

To enjoy a personalized look for your home, the best vase types to get is the clay or ceramic vase that’s designed in a very unique and stylish way.

Look for designs that have unique and intricate patterns that are quite rare to find. Personalizing the clay or ceramic vase can go beyond the patterns and include personal touches.

You can personalize such vases with flowers that have special connotations to you or affiliations with your home. To achieve a calm environment, make use of flowers with refreshing and soothing colors.

A Bright Look

Hoping to give your home a bright, sunny look? Then get a glass vase or a metal vase (a silver reflecting type to reflect the bright color) and fill it up with large-sized sunflowers. Adding light meadow flowers can give an extra homely touch, too. 

An excellent alternative to the sunflower is to use orange roses, orange and pink tulips, or bright yellow wildflowers in a metallic vase for a fiery look.

A Monochromatic Look 

White ceramic vases will look good in a monochromatic composition and scheme.

To complement it, add a dash of white flowers like white roses or white tip lips with meadow flowers.  

A Modern Look

For a perfect modern look, get yourself a stylish vase or look for a unique glass vase styled in a contemporary manner.

To complement it, make use of long-stemmed flowers, like dainty pink flowering branches or tall branches with leaves popping out haphazardly around it. The result will be a simple yet elegant design, which is what modernity is all about.


As interior decoration items, vases and flowers make a perfect combination to beautify any home. If you need further help in beautifying your home in Rochester and Finger Lakes Region of New York, you can look for a professional at FindTheHomePros.com.

They usually come in a wide range of varieties of sizes, types, and colors. You can choose and combine different looks to achieve your desired theme.