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Internal doors in homes are largely taken for granted. However, they are a vital part of interior design, and they perform many practical functions. Interior door manufacturing also forms an impressive industry.

The global internal door market was worth $55.7 billion in 2020. And as more homeowners upgrade their interior doors, this industry is expected to reach $93.1 billion by 2030. But, why would anyone need to replace their interior doors?


Why are interior doors important in homes?

The purpose of interior doors is to separate distinct areas of a home from one another. Internal doors provide privacy, and solitude from noisier areas of a home.

Internal doors also play a large part in interior design. For example, fitting the right internal doors for your cottage will add to the aesthetic appeal of the home. Some doors suit certain homes, while others don’t match.

However, there are times when older interior doors are no longer up to the task they were built for. Below are a few reasons why you may need to change your interior doors.


Lack of soundproofing

Most interior doors are hollow-core. Hollow core doors are constructed with cardboard honeycomb centers and fibreboard exteriors. They are lightweight and easy to fit, but not great for soundproofing. Solid-core internal doors are better for muffling sounds.


Doors have become warped

In some cases, internal doors can warp. When this happens they will no longer fit the frames properly, and might not open and close well. Specific rooms such as bathrooms can be hot and humid, and this can warp doors.


Doors are not fitting with your decor

Many homeowners restyle rooms on occasion. If you renovate your kitchen and go with a farmhouse style, your existing internal doors may no longer suit. Fitting old style barn doors, for instance, would improve the appearance of your home by matching the new decor.


To increase light

Internal doors don’t need to be solid pieces of wood. There are countless styles available for interior doors, including glazed versions.

Lighting is a great way to make a home look more modern. But, instead of buying expensive lighting, glazed doors offer a way to let natural light flow.

Glazed interior doors used in select areas will make homes far brighter. Sunlight will be maximized, and your home will even look bigger. Your home will also appeal more to potential buyers when you sell.


Doors are damaged

Hollow-core is a popular choice for house builders because these doors are less expensive than solid-core. To be fair, hollow-core doors work very well. But, hollow-core doors are very easy to damage.

Although it is easy to patch up the fiberboard and repaint, it is likely the repair work will be noticeable. When it’s time to sell the home, this damage could be spotted by buyers.

Solid-core doors are far more durable than hollow-core versions and can cope with being used more heavily.


Poor-fitting doors can be drafty

It isn’t unusual for older homes to have drafts and gaps under doors. Replacing old internal doors with modern versions will improve energy efficiency in the home.

According to the Department of Energy, up to 20% can be saved on energy bills by reducing drafts in homes. Over time, your internal door investment will pay for itself.


Increase your home’s appeal and value

Generally speaking, replacing interior doors will involve an upgrade of some kind. New interior doors can enhance the visual appeal of a home, and increase its value to a degree.

While interior doors might not add any monetary value to a home, the improved functionality and appearance will appeal to potential buyers when you sell. Modern doors will open smoothly, and feel solid compared to older internal doors. And this will be noted by anyone viewing your home at sale time.


To replace outdated doors

Plain, old interior doors serve their function, but they can look outdated compared to modern styles.

Interior door suppliers now have varied ranges in different types of wood to suit any home. The right internal door can add some personality to your home’s interior and bring it bang up to date.


When you have lead paint on your doors

Millions of older homes in the US still contain lead paint. This is most likely to be under other coats of paint and unlikely to cause any health concerns. However, if it is something that bothers you, you might want to replace old internal doors to remove the problem.



Modern internal doors can help to lock warmth in a room, and muffle sound. Interior doors give privacy to household members, but glazed versions can let natural light flood rooms.

And with so many different styles available, the right internal doors for your barn or cottage are easy to find. Not only do internal doors enhance a room’s appeal, but they may also make a home easier to sell.