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If you have ever attempted a large (or small) home improvement project, you may know that finding the right professional contractor for the job is not as easy as you might have thought!

Imagine, your toilet is constantly running, or your water heater has sprung a leak.  You’ll need a professional plumber or at least a very skilled handyman to help you get these fixed quickly, right?  Finding a local plumbing professional can be a bit easier by using a local program such as FindTheHomePros.com in your area.  Just clicking on the “Find a Pro” from the menu and then choose the category of help that you need.

Have you looked at your front door lately?  Consider that not only is this the first thing people will notice when they arrive at your home, but also it is your first line of security.  Maybe it’s time to replace that old door with an updated look and some better locks for added security.  You can find local window and door experts that can not only show you the latest styles and materials available, but they can also arrange to install that new door!

Have you ever had a leaking roof?  This is probably one of the most concerning issues.  Your roof leak can result in so much damage to the interior of your home, and climbing around on your roof requires a roofing pro that has not only the expertise to fix the problem, but also the proper safety equipment when working from heights.  You’ll find your local home pro at FindTheHomePros.com too!

In the Rochester, New York and Finger Lakes Region there are organizations such as the Rochester Home Builders’ Association and Upstate Building Industry Alliance that support the home construction, remodeling and home improvement industries.  You’ll find the members of both organizations at FindTheHomePros.com.  The home professionals listed there have access to the most up to date safety information, energy codes, building codes, new products and techniques available and even contracts to use with clients. If you are not in our area, look for home pros in your home town that belong to a professional organization in your area.  You’ll be glad you did!

Whether it’s a new patio and landscaping, new flooring, a complete kitchen remodel or replacing the fixtures in that old, tired bathroom, there are local professionals to help you.  We even have new home builders ready to work with you on a design of you dream home!  Find a home pro that has the proper insurance and is reputable.  Ask about references, experience, and be sure they are a part of a local organization that supports them and their business through education, resources and training.  Then…. dive into that home remodel or home improvement project with confidence!