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A pool in the backyard is a something that most people would like to have at home. Especially during hot summer days, a dip in the pool is a great way to cool down. Having fun with your friends and family in the pool is also something great to look forward to.

A pool deck, or the area surrounding your pool, offers a nice place for you to lounge on even if you’re not planning to swim. If you are looking for some budget-friendly ideas for your backyard pool, here are some suggestions from pool deck experts from Armor Coatings:


Make use of Bamboo and Treated Wood

Having a beautiful pool deck need not be so costly. With bamboo and treated wood, you can save up money in material costs as compared to lumber. These are low-cost materials that you can easily integrate in various designs, even simple ones.


Save on maintenance with composite materials

If you are more concerned with longevity and the costs involved with maintaining your pool deck, then going for composite materials may be better for you. The first option offers cheap materials to work on, but they might not last very long, or may be relatively costly to maintain. Any wooden deck would require regular varnishing so in the long run, a deck made of treated wood may cost you more.

With composite materials, maintenance will be considerably cheaper. There are many options for composite materials, but generally, they offer better water-resistance that eventually makes the pool deck last longer.


Get creative with poured concrete

Another material that you may consider for your pool deck is poured concrete. Poured concrete gives you flexibility in design as you can go with any shape or pattern. It is also very affordable, so a poured concrete pool deck is a great inexpensive option.

You will also be able to do a poured concrete pool deck by yourself so you can save up on fees that would otherwise be paid for experts. However, if you are not as confident with your skills, going with experts to prevent costly mistakes is always the wiser choice.


Go for brick or pre-cast cement pavers

If you’re not a fan of poured concrete, then you may consider building your pool deck with pre-cast cement pavers or bricks.

Pre-cast cement pavers can be cheaper than poured concrete, and can come in various shapes that may fit your needs.

Bricks also come in different patterns and colors, and allow you to achieve a rather classic feel. They may be a little more expensive, but a brick pool deck done right can just be the perfect one for you.

For both pre-cast cement pavers and bricks, just make sure that you have a bed of sand or gravel that is properly installed so that your pull deck won’t move and sink.


Maximize rocks or sand around the pool

Having a wonderful pool deck can be achieved even with not as much of the materials above. Wood and cement can be quite expensive so using less of them is an option. You can have a nice pool deck with the use of sand or rocks around your pool.

Of course, you may still want to have cement or wood but they are not the only way to have a deck for you to lounge on. Being creative can go a long way.


Or finally, build your pool deck in sections

If you really can’t afford a full pool deck at the moment, you may opt to build part of it. There’s no pressure in having a full deck, and there are ways you can make a partial deck work and be beautiful.



Having a deck for your backyard pool gives you ample space to relax and unwind. Achieving the pool deck that you like would not need to be costly. You have various options such as opting for cheaper materials. You may also look for long-term cost-effectiveness and go for more durable materials. Or simply go with designs that will not require a lot of materials at all.

You can have the pool deck of your dreams without spending so much so let’s start building it today!