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People build storage sheds to have extra spaces for tools, small equipment, seasonal décor, and more. But sometimes, property owners overlook the importance of organization in storage sheds and end up in a total mess. To prevent this, look into your storage shed and see if you can walk freely from the front to the back. If it’s almost impossible to do, here are some tips that you can use to free up space in your storage shed without getting rid of anything you’re still using.


1.  Take Advantage Of Magnetic Bars

When it comes to organizers, you’ll find various boxes, bins, and even unconventional ways of keeping your things in one place. The question, in this case, is how you want to organize the tools in your shed. If most of your tools are made of metallic material, you can purchase a magnetic bar that’s durable enough to hold your tools.

You can attach your wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and gardening tools like trowels and hand rakes. Magnetic bars are advantageous because you can arrange them side by side, allowing you to reach out for your needs quickly. And because you can see everything, you don’t have to waste time looking for any of them.


2.  Invest In A Multipurpose Storage Box

If you have many garden tools, extra pots, sacks of fertilizer, and other gardening-related items, you can use an outdoor storage box to keep them safe and secured. Large storage boxes also double as a bench and can be used as storage shed furniture. In addition, you can also keep other seasonal items inside your storage boxes, such as your outdoor holiday decorations. It’s worth noting that stackable storage containers are a good option for those tight on square footage. Remember that the more you save in a single stack, the more space you’ll have for other items.

3.  Install A Rack

If you have an old shoe rack made of thick wire, you can repurpose it to organize your storage shed. You can attach it to the wall as a shelf to keep your smaller items, such as paint cans, cutting tools, ropes, cables, and more. You can even cut out some of its parts to keep your mops, rake, snow shovel, crowbar, or plow upright all the time.

Furthermore, if you’re adept at using tools or woodworking instead of wire, you can build a wooden rack from scratch. You can make one with slots that will keep the tools upright at their necks.


4.  Wire Basket Storage At The Door

Basket storage is also known for organizing small items. You can even use the back of the door to maximize storage space, especially if you have a small shed with a shortage of storage. You can mount the baskets to the door to keep shears, seed packets, gloves, and small bottles of pesticides. It’s also possible to use numerous wire baskets, provided that an X-Track is installed to help in the vertical alignment of the baskets.


5.  Utilize Pegboards

One of the best ways to organize your storage shed and still get a full view of everything is by hanging or installing pegboards. You can use varying sizes of hooks and zip ties to hang your tools. You can dedicate one wall to your tools and sporting gear if you like to clear up some floor space. The beauty of pegboards is that the space is adjustable. You can move the hooks to make way for new things regardless of the size of the items that you want to hang. There is always space as long as you have enough hooks and there are holes on the pegboard left.


6.  Get A Rollout Storage Case

In a disorganized shed, it would be easy for small parts like screws, nails, bolts, and drill accessories to get lost. A rollout storage case can also solve your organizing needs in the shed. You get compartments and spaces for small pieces and other hardware devices like tape measures and rulers.

Your toolbox can only handle so much. If you do a lot of home improvement tasks, you’ll need a steady supply of consumable hardware. Typically, a rollout storage case is best for your fasteners and drill bits.

In addition to providing convenient portability, you may place the storage container virtually anywhere. Furthermore, it can serve as a table or workspace for various purposes. Your tools and fasteners are in an easy-to-reach spot, and you’ll always keep track of them.

These are only a few ways you can organize your storage shed. Regardless of your space, there are various systems you can use for different tools, gear, equipment, and accessories.



You can organize your storage shed using magnetic bars, wire baskets, pegboards, outdoor storage boxes, racks, and a rollout storage case. These storage methods can accommodate your essential items such as construction, gardening and cleaning tools, sporting items, painting supplies, and more. They also allow you to see everything, making it easy to get what you need faster. Most of these organizational hacks can work for you regardless of your storage shed size.