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Do you have a running toilet, clogged kitchen sink, or a malfunctioning shower? If you do, hiring a licensed plumber is advisable to get the job done properly and quickly.

However, not all plumbers have the same skills and experience when handling different plumbing problems. One local plumber may have more experience fixing burst pipes than the other. Moreover, not all plumbing companies offer the same quality of services. Typically, most homeowners would prefer to hire established plumbing companies than startups.

If you’re planning to hire a plumber to fix your plumbing problems anytime soon, here are some essential factors to consider in hiring the right plumbing company.


1. Your Plumbing Issue

The two types of plumbers include residential and commercial plumbers, handling different plumbing issues. Commercial plumbers handle public plumbing systems in schools, hospitals, and malls. On the other hand, residential plumbers have fewer outlets and pipes to deal with. They install and troubleshoot plumbing systems in homes, including individual apartments, condos, and single-attached family residences.

Plumbing issues differ in severity and possible solutions. So, it’s crucial to determine the plumbing issue first and find a plumber from a trusted company with experience handling such problems.

For instance, a startup plumbing company may not provide services for extensive plumbing problems that require excavation. On the contrary, an established plumbing company can handle complex projects because they have heavy-duty tools and equipment that a startup company still needs to procure.

2. The Plumbing Company’s Reputation

Neglecting or procrastinating a minor plumbing problem can lead to a major disaster, like burst pipes and flooding. While you can also troubleshoot a seemingly simple plumbing problem, doing it without proper tools and techniques can also cause expensive consequences, such as fixture damage. Hence, you need to ask for the help of professional plumbing services.

However, before you sign any agreement, find out if your prospective plumbing company is reputable. Create a shortlist of plumbing contractors in your area and do your homework. Find out what your relatives, friends, and trusted neighbors say about them.

Read and assess online reviews. Find more information if the plumbing company has past complaints or stained track records through respected agencies and organizations. For instance, homeowners in the United States can read a plumbing company’s ratings, reviews, and complaints in their community by checking this information with the Better Business Bureau’s website.


3. Plumbing Expertise

It’s imperative to determine the expertise of a plumbing company to obtain excellent quality services that are compatible with your needs. For instance, hiring an emergency plumbing contractor is a must if you encounter plumbing emergencies, such as massive water leaks due to water backflow and burst pipes.

In addition, not all plumbing companies are well-adept with the latest plumbing trends. To give an instance, not all plumbing companies offer high-tech or smart toilet installation and repair services. High-tech toilets have advanced features that require brand-specific plumbing services. Bathroom fixture brands usually have a partner plumbing services to repair and replace damaged parts. Therefore, if you have a malfunctioning smart toilet or bathroom fixture, you need to contact the manufacturer to find out this information.


4. Insurance

Plumbing companies must have general liability insurance for them and their clients’ protection against third-party claims of property damage and physical injury. It’s also good to hire a plumbing company that offers workers’ compensation insurance to properly compensate plumbers who get into an accident while performing their duties.


5. Service Guarantee

Choose a plumbing company that can provide a service guarantee. This form of assurance can save you money from early repairs or parts replacement of your plumbing fixtures.

Furthermore, good plumbing companies guarantee their plumbing work, such as an issue caused by improper installation. Some plumbing contractors also offer a money-back guarantee. They can refund their customers’ money if they’re not satisfied with their services.


6. Your Budget

Knowing the possible amount of expenses through estimates can help you set the right budget for your next plumbing project.

Get a free estimate from a reputable plumbing company in your area. Plumbing services have different rates and charges, depending on the scope of work and the extent of the damage. Before you hire a plumbing company, it’s advisable to obtain free estimates from at least three companies for comparison.

Beware of plumbing companies that offer cheap estimates. Ask for a breakdown of inclusive services to avoid hidden charges.



Hiring the right plumbing company entails considering important factors. Make sure to take time to check and verify each to avoid facing troubles. Always prioritize excellent service and never compromise quality over cheap plumbing services. Deal with a reputable plumbing contractor that can provide a portfolio and credentials for added peace of mind.