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Garage doors play an essential role in every home. They provide security for the belongings inside your garage and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.  They are easy to use as most garage doors are automated and operated by two or three buttons.

Unfortunately, garage doors are often one of the most neglected parts of a home. After reading this article, you will be more knowledgeable about garage door problems and how to fix them, along with the benefits of regularly checking them.

When To Repair Your Garage Doors

You may not even notice when a garage door is failing, especially if you are not a handy person. To help you with this problem, here are some signs for when you need to repair your garage door:

  • Difficulty In Opening And Closing

When you are having difficulty in opening and closing your garage door, or (obviously) if you are not able to open it at all, it is a sign that your door is faulty. There are many possible reasons for this issue, some of which are simple and some are a bit more complicated. The simple cause may be a disconnected switch to the opener, and the complicated cause could be a faulty terminal connection on your control box, misaligned sensors, or other technical faults.

  • Weird Sounds

A garage door can be quite noisy during its normal operation. But you must be observant of other sounds that it produces since that can indicate the actual problem with your garage door. You may encounter sounds like grating, grinding, rumbling, or rattling. These sounds result from bent coils, worn out rollers, damaged springs, and loose chains for example.

  • Off Track Rollers

When your garage door rollers are off the track, it is unsafe and unreliable because it can cause you harm or an accident. Seeking professional help may be the best solution because they have proper equipment and tools which are designed for this type of work. Most of the time, off track rollers are replaced with new ones because they have worn out.

  • Deformed Door Section

When you notice some deformities in your garage door, immediately call a professional to solve the problem. Garage door panels that are sagging are off-balance, and have a high chance of slamming or snapping at any time. Garage door contractors will also be doing a balance test to determine the cause. Most of the time, worn out tracks and rollers or broken tension springs are the main causes of deformed garage doors.

  • Slow Mechanisms And Response Time

Garage door controls are made to be fast responding. When  working properly,  your garage door should respond to controls almost immediately. Anything longer than a couple of seconds could indicate a problem in your door’s mechanism and control, like a broken chain or pulley, or a damaged circuit connection.

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Benefits Of Maintaining Garage Doors

  • Increase In Security

Garage doors that are in top condition with security alarms are hard to breach. Having an alarm installed will keep your house safe even if you are away. It can alert your neighbors or you can choose to connect it to a police line for faster response in case of an emergency. You will feel more secure from any potential outside danger to the belongings in your garage.

  • Safe To Use

As stated above, broken garage doors have a tendency to snap or slam. This can damage your belongings or, even worse, harm your loved ones. The cost of maintaining garage doors is inexpensive compared to compensating for damages and healthcare services. The proper maintenance and inspection of garage doors will prevent this from happening.

  • Save Money

If you experience anything unusual while using your garage door, carry out an immediate inspection or call your trusted garage door contractor. Do not wait for the problem to grow because rectifying common garage door problems will cost you much less as compared to overall repair or replacement. You will save a lot of money by regularly maintaining your garage door.

  • Add Value To Your House

Most home buyers seek a home with a garage. Showing them your well-functioning garage door will demonstrate your care for your home, as garage doors are often taken for granted. Therefore, negotiations will be more likely to progress smoothly, and you will be able to get the best value for your home.


Garage doors are essential for your home. Being observant about problems and taking quick action for repairs will prolong the life and maintain the smooth performance of your garage doors. In return, you will feel safe and secure. In addition to that, you will save money and maximize the value of your home.