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The main use of a garage door spring is to counterbalance the weight of the door making it easy to close or open. Springs in garage doors are used even years ago for the same purpose. The specifications of springs in garage doors depends on the weight of the gate that it will carry, a garage door with a weight of 90 pounds needs an equivalent spring force of 90 pounds too in order to pull against the weight of the door.


Do it yourself repair for garage door springs is not recommended as it could be dangerous and complicated. There are factors to consider such as torque and forces needed at work. A proper understanding of the properties of garage door springs, garage door parts and garage door weights should be considered as these are all interconnected and essential on the proper repair and maintenance of the springs of your garage doors.


How Long Can You Use Your Garage Door Spring?


There are different kinds of garage door torsion springs that you can use depending on the type of garage door you have. Some types include standard torsion springs, torque torsion springs, steel rolling door torsion springs and self-storage roll up door springs.


Like other essentials, garage door springs can last a long time when you properly choose the type that best suits your garage door. There are different considerations such as the weight and type of the garage door where the spring is to be installed.


When Is The Time To Replace Your Garage Door Spring?


If you want to know the right time to replace the spring of your garage door, there are basic conditions that you can follow.


Basic garage doors weigh from 150 to 250 pounds, and in most garage doors, torsion springs do the lifting. Due to the heavy load that it carries, torsion springs do not last forever. The average life expectancy of a torsion spring is about 10,000 cycles, considering that one cycle is equivalent to the garage door going up and coming back down to close. When you calculate it, its life expectancy is approximately three to five years of life.


Below are some of the indications that your garage door spring might be broken.

  1. The automatic garage door opener would not open the door.
  2. When the automatic garage door is disconnected, and you manually raise the door, the garage door would not stay in its position, and may go down eventually.
  3. When you closely observe the spring, there is a split on it.


Garage door springs are exposed to a lot of tension, that is why DIY repair is not advisable as it could put you and your fingers in danger while repairing or replacing it.


How Much Will It Cost To Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door Spring?


Well, your garage door is one vital part of your home, and it is important to always keep it in a good condition. Of course, it is a lot more economical to repair your garage door than to replace it. The average cost of repairing your garage door ranges from 100 to 350 dollars since the installer may disassemble most of its moving parts.


Some of the common garage door repairs include lubricating or balancing the springs. It also includes the installation of safety cables that work as a backup for an extension spring system. Well, there are cases that minimal repairs won’t suffice, it is then time to replace your garage door’s spring. If you want a professional to do it, the cost would range from 200 dollars to 300 dollars. The cost of the replacement spring and the labor Is already included in it. There are also cases that the price could be higher depending on the weight of your garage door and also its type.

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