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A home makeover is a good idea, especially if you have not changed how your home looks in years. When done right, it can make the home feel new and make it more functional because you might be able to achieve better use of the space you have available. Here are some interior design basics and tips to help you get started.


Make Clever Use of Colour

Colour can transform a space, which should be one thing you think about when designing or redesigning your home. You can use colour to make a space look very different, with bold colour uses and interruptions providing a new perspective.

You can use neutral colours to help a room seem much bigger and feel more open. This happens because these bright colours allow light to bounce off the walls. Use colourful artwork to break up the monotonous neutral colour of the walls. The artwork can also be something people look at when in the home as you do not want people staring at blank walls when they visit.

You can also get a little creative with coloured lights to change the look of a room temporarily. Use these lights to create different moods in different rooms depending on the context.

Try to Achieve Balance

Balance comes from distributing visual weight around a room. The visual weight is determined by the furniture and accents you have in specific rooms. When trying to achieve balance, think about the position (low, high, eye level, left or right), the scale (large or small) and texture (hard and soft) of the various items you have in specific rooms.

Do not place items that have the same visual weight together because they will make the room feel unbalanced. Also, pay close attention to contrast inside specific rooms. Subtle and distributed contrast can make a space feel balanced and complete.

Achieving such balance is not always easy, especially in cases where you do not know what you should be looking at and what you need to change. In these instances, it would be a good idea to visit a luxury interior designer’s website for inspiration or to talk to a designer who will help you out.


Spend Wisely

It is always best to take your time and think about where you will spend money when designing or redesigning a home. Start by designing the items you will spend the most money on, which will be the beds and sofas in most cases. These are the items that draw attention and so you want to spend a bit more money on them.

Next, think about the accent and decorating items that you will spend money on. Things like artwork can cost a lot, so plan ahead.

The second-hand home decor market is also an option, and you can find great items by just looking around.


Mind the Lighting

As with colour, lighting can make a significant difference in the home. Windows, overhead lights, accent lights, floor lamps and other light sources should be on your mind.

Starting with the basics should help you end up with a great home design. Just take your time and think carefully about everything that will go into the home. If you need help, you can always talk to a professional interior designer.