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Why do most people prefer the “do it yourself approach” regarding basic domestic tasks such as window cleaning and pressure washing? Because they can’t stand the sight of hiring a horrible job.  If you are a homeowner, business owner or entrepreneur, you want the best hands to handle or manage your tasks and affairs. In cases where a window cleaner can’t guarantee a good job, you do it yourself.

Most times, we are too busy to attend to our primary home cleaning needs and what we do is outsource the tasks.  Hiring someone to handle basic home cleaning needs such as a window wash, for instance, doesn’t always give the desired satisfactory result we want in most cases.  Even when you outsource these tasks to companies, they don’t handle the job in detail. As a result, only a few of these companies impress, but the cost of hiring them is pretty high.


Window Cleaning Services

Two words come to mind when we talk about window cleaning: window wash and window cleaning. Window Washing is exactly how it sounds. Mix the washing chemicals, and use the squeegee wash. Window washing doesn’t involve detailed cleaning.  There isn’t much difference between window washing and cleaning. Both involve using window washing chemicals and squeegees to wash and rinse.

Most times, after window washing or cleaning, the dirt you are trying to get rid of in the first place is still somewhat present. Window Detailing is a type of intensive window cleaning that is thorough such that the window looks as though it was instantly refurbished. This is the type of cleaning service that homeowners think they request when they ask for a window cleaning or washing. But unfortunately, they are not the same.

Window detailing is a thorough window cleaning service, cleaning bug residue and removing paint spills. If you hire a cleaning company for a window washing service, they’d probably give you what you ask for.  You’d probably get what you ask for if you hire a cleaning company for detailed window cleaning. However, with that being said, there’s a fundamental difference between window cleaning and window detailing.

And of course, if you hire a window cleaning company for window detailing and the result you get is almost the same as window washing, that’s a bad hire. This is why most homeowners prefer a do-it-yourself approach to window cleaning.  Nothing is more upsetting than paying for a service and getting a disappointing result.


Tips To Help With Your Window Cleaning

It would help if you made cleaning your window a routine to prevent much dirt from accumulating, especially outside windows. This is because the outside windows harbour more dirt than the inner part.  Cleaning your window is very simple and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. First, rinse the window with water. Using a horse is excellent. Mind the speed of the water to prevent the glasses from shattering.

Mix water with a few drops of liquid dish soap. Use soft linen, dip into the foamy water and gently clean the window surface. For typically higher winders, a microfiber or sponge mop hung on a lengthy rod will do. After thoroughly rinsing the window glass with the horse, dip your mop into the water solution and wipe the surface of the window. Dry the surface using a clean squeegee or a clean towel.

While washing, clean from top to bottom. After each pass, ensure you clean the squeegee before moving to the next pass. Instead of using a squeegee, you can opt for newspapers or a dry, clean towel. For tough dirt stains on the window surface, such as paints and droppings, saturate the window surface with a water-vinegar mixture or a window-brite cleaning agent and wait for some time. Then, when the surface becomes dry, you can clean it up with a clean towel.

Alternatively, you can use a scrubber to clean that stubborn dirt. Do not use steel or harsh scrubs; it’ll damage the windows’ surface. Instead, you can purchase a soft scrub like scotch Brite from amazon. While cleaning, don’t leave out the window screens. They harbour some dirt too. Instead, apply a little water and vinegar mixture to the screen and rinse off with water.


Window Cleaning Items

Every job has the right set of unique equipment that makes those jobs easier. If you want to venture into the window cleaning business, for instance, you will need a complete set of window cleaning toolkits. On the other hand, if you want a better personal cleaning experience, these basics will also help you.



All Squeegees have a handle, channel and rubber. In your toolkit, you’d need multiple Squeegees for your daily window cleaning routine. There are many types of squeegee available. Walk into a store and get recommendations on the best option to go for.


Extension Poles

Extension poles are essential to clean windows high up the building and entirely out of reach. If you have a fear of heights, extension poles can bail you out. An aluminum lightweight extension pole with easy grips and locking mechanisms will do just fine.


Solution and Buckets

A bucket is needed for mixing solutions and washing chemicals. A rectangular bucket is perfect. Ideally, vinegar and water mixture or dish soap and water mixtures are cost-efficient compared to window washing chemicals. And what’s more important is that they’d give you the same result. At most, two rectangular buckets will be fine for your daily window washing routine.


Tool Belt

The essence of the tool belt is to make transporting your kits easier. So again, there’s no need to get fancy or spend big. A belt that can fasten your working equipment together, such as a carpenter belt, is perfect.



Ladders are to help you reach windows that are so high up. If perhaps you live in tall buildings, you’d realize how vital ladders are in window cleaning. Even with an extension pole, you will still need a ladder to get an effective scrub on high-up windows—a good ladder with a girdle to help stay firm while washing is excellent too.