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Having a good gutter system installed will effectively drain rainwater away from the sides or foundation of the property or building.


Without a strong gutter system in place, the rainwater will stream down the sides and the foundation of the building, causing it to erode and crack which will cause significant damage in the long term. Aside from the sides and foundation of the building, the roof will also be affected if there is an inadequate guttering system in place. If rainwater was able to slip underneath the roof, it causes roof damage and leads to leaks within the property. This will cause further water damage to both the property and also any belongings inside.


When looking at installing a good guttering system, one thing to take into consideration is the longevity of the material of the gutter. There are various types of rain gutters, however, the two main materials for gutters on the market: aluminium and UPVC. Although both have their strengths and weaknesses, the strengths that come with aluminium gutters outweigh those of UPVC. Here are just a few of the aluminium gutters strengths.


Cost-Effective Option


Looking at the initial cost, aluminium gutters are the more expensive option. However, when comparing the two options, it is important to factor into the price the quality, longevity and maintenance of each guttering.


Both choices have low maintenance costs, however, UPVC can potentially cost more to maintain because once it has been damaged, it loses its initial functionality. Additionally, aluminium is more durable under adverse weather conditions, meaning that you do not need to worry about damages to the guttering following a bad storm.


Adds Aesthetic Value


There are various types of aluminium gutters available, ranging from styles that provide a smooth, clean appearance. These are perfect for complementing a modern building to traditional styles, which offer all of the essential features to blend seamlessly with traditionally designed buildings.


Most brands, such as Alumasc Water Management Solutions, offer a selection of aluminium gutters, which means that you will be able to find a style of guttering that matches the design of the building they are being installed to. You can learn more here about the aluminium gutters on offer, as well as the building types each one suits them best.


Effective Choice


Once UPVC guttering is damaged, it will begin to leak and cause damages to the rest of the building if not repaired in time. With aluminium gutters, they can be installed seamlessly which helps to reduce the risk of them leaking. In addition to this, they can also be altered to a shape that best fits the property. This option is not possible with UPVC, which means that if buying UPVC guttering, it needs to be in the correct size and shape to avoid any unnecessary costs.


To conclude, whilst the initial costs of UPVC guttering might be more appealing than the prices of aluminium guttering, they do not have the same longevity as aluminium. Choosing aluminium gutters over UPVC will also have the resilience aspect that will help to prevent leaks in the property following adverse weather spells.