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It’s not uncommon for drain cleaning services to be wanted.


There are several reasons drain cleaning services may be needed – mainly a clog – but one of these reasons requires the use of CCTV cameras.


This is because the clog isn’t really a drain problem as the issue lies deeper down in the system rather than on top of it where the blockage is occurring. When easy solutions fail to unclog drains, then CCTV cameras become necessary.


What Causes a Drain Clog?


A drain usually develops a clog when grease and oils build up over time and eventually create a sticky substance that begins to accumulate dirt particles like hair roots, food scraps, dirt, and grease that stick together and form a clog.


A drain cleaning service with a CCTV camera may be needed when drain cleaners like drain snakes, drain augers, plumber’s snakes or snaking rods aren’t enough to unclog drains because these drain clearing services only offer the user a place to start when drain clearing.


It is important to understand why there was eventually a clog so it doesn’t happen again. If the cause of the problem is an accumulation of greasy food scraps in the drain, then keeping those food scraps out of the pipes can be done by draining greasy foods into a tin before washing them down the drain. The same applies to hair.


In some cases, sewer lines can become blocked if roots from nearby trees grow through sewer drains and get tangled up in sewer traps or sewer pump impellers.

What Does a CCTV Camera Do?


This is a drain cleaning (https://sosdraincleaning.ca/) service that uses a drain camera to identify clogs, which aren’t always easy to see with the naked eye. Without drain cameras, professionals would have to remove the covers and clean out pipes without being able to see what they’re doing. This could cause more damage than good because there’s no way of knowing what will be done until after it’s been done. The use of CCTV drain cameras allows for thorough inspections before drain clearing services are performed.


A CCTV camera in a drain is able to provide professional cleaners with video evidence of what needs to be done to correct the system damage, which means no guessing involved. It means the right work will be done every time when it comes to drain cleaning services with CCTV cameras being used. Cameras can take pictures before an inspection, during drain inspections or after drain cleaning services are performed.


After drain cleaning services with CCTV cameras are completed, the video survey footage can be reviewed by a technician in order to create a service report that will detail all work done and recommendations for future care. The camera will show technicians what needs to be done; drain cleaning services with CCTV cameras are very important for this reason.


It’s always a good idea when clogs are concerned to use drain cleaning services with CCTV cameras because it allows wastewater professionals to ensure the system is in working order before pipelining or repair work begins. If sewer lines are at risk, there is no other way around camera inspections except by hiring drain experts that have access to these types of cameras.


All in all, drain cleaning services with CCTV cameras help to ensure the repairs needed are completed without having to guess what might need to be done next in order to complete clog removal. After all, it’s only through the use of cameras that blockages can be thoroughly identified and in turn prevent future drain clogs.