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Whether you are updating your home or building something new, you’ll most likely need to call on an electrician at some point to provide the necessary wiring. It’s important to understand that not all electricians are the same, and hiring the wrong one could lead to serious injury or costly repairs down the line. The following are signs that you need an electrical contractor:



1.  Singed Wires in Your Fuse Box

You know that smell you get when you step on a nail? That’s the smell of burning wires in your fuse box. If you notice this smell and find the wires hot to the touch, call an electrical professional immediately. The only way to properly use the fuse box is to have electrical wiring installed.



2.  Unusual Noise from Your Electrical System

If your electrical system makes noises that it’s never made, it’s probably time to hire an electrician to review your wiring. This is especially true if the noises sound like grinding or crackling sounds coming from your electrical system and you may be facing a fire hazard if your wiring isn’t working correctly. The only way to fix this is by hiring an electrical contractor.



3.  Flickering Lights

If your lights are flickering, that can be a sign that your electrical system is failing. If you experience flickering lights and you see burn marks inside of your fuse box, call a professional to have it inspected. The only way to properly use your fuse box is to have electrical wiring installed. You’re probably facing expensive electrical repairs if any wiring is falling.



4.  Burns in Your Walls or Ceiling

If you notice burns on your walls and ceiling, then this is a sign that your wiring is malfunctioning and may need to be replaced. If there are burn marks where the two wires touch and it looks like they are corroded, then you likely need to contact someone to fix your wiring. The only way to properly use your fuse box is to have electrical wiring installed, and you may be facing a fire hazard if your wiring fails.



5.  Your Wall Outlets Are Warm to the Touch

If your wall outlets are warm to the touch, then you likely have a problem with the wiring and equip the assistance of a professional. The only way to properly use your fuse box is to have electrical wiring installed.



6.  Your Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

If your circuit breaker trips frequently, then this is a sign that there is a problem with the wiring and that the circuits are failing.

In many cases, this can be fixed by replacing the wires and re-wiring your home. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to have an electrical contractor come in to inspect the wiring and make recommendations on repairs. An electrical professional will also decide if replacing your outlets or rewiring your home is necessary.



7.  Safety Guarantee

If you have an electrician that has given you a safety guarantee then it is time to hire one. This will ensure that any repairs made to your home will be safe, and the warranty on the work can protect you if anything should happen in the future. A professional will ensure your home is safe and working properly.



8.  Insurance Coverage

In addition to knowing the signs when you should hire an electrician to come to your home, you should always ask your electrician if they have insurance coverage. This is a sign that they are reputable and are willing to protect you in the event you have an issue with their work. The electrical contractor should be willing to give you proof that they are insured and cover any damage or issues that may happen on their property or due to the work they have done on your property.

Electrical contractors are licensed professionals who are trained to install wiring, repair wiring problems and can bring your electrical system up to code. If any of these things occur in your home, call an electrician immediately for attention and repairs. By hiring an Electrician, you will have peace of mind that you have the right person handling your electrical repairs and installations.