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We all know about the solar system and how it has enhanced or developed things. We can see the use of solar systems in daily life, such as street lights, etc. It saves electrical energy. Yes, it is a bit tricky when the weather is cloudy, it may cause issues. But generally, it saves the electricity generated by water or something else.

Through solar panels, electricity is generated and used. Sometimes it is essential to repair or replace Solar panels if they are damaged, and here we are going to tell about several signs which indicate that it’s high time to call a professional or electrician for solar repairs or replacement, before that it is important for you to understand the solar system. So, let’s dive into the article to grab in-depth info.


What is Solar System Panel?

It is a particular device that converts solar light into electricity for which to generate the electricity, you no need to use water and a transformer. It can be generated through solar light by using photovoltaic cells, which are also commonly known as PV cells. It is a material in which electrons are generated when they are exposed to light. 

Direct current (DC) electricity is produced when the electron flows through the circuit. The DC current can be used to power different things or devices or can be stored in batteries. These panels are also named as solar cell panels, solar electric panels, and PV modules.


6 Signs When To Call Professionals

Now-a-says, solar panels have become very common and also have become an integral part of our homes. These panels are eco-friendly and also save you money on fossil fuels and electricity bills. 

Although, like every home gadget and device, these also need repairs or replacements. Keeping an eye on their prime condition can enhance their lifespan. In this section, we will discuss the six signs which will indicate when to repair or replace your solar panels.


Physical damage

If any visible physical damage is there in your panel and can be recognized by the naked eye, then you need to replace it and need the help of professionals because the physical damage on your panel can significantly impact their performance. Physical damage on a panel can obstruct sunlight absorption, and the output energy will also be decreased. 

The physical damage can be caused by the weather, debris, or by the animals that can climb up. Physical damage can occur from cracks to discolorations. If they are not caught up early or not checked, then as a result, it will gradually worsen and will reduce the panel’s effectiveness. 

If you notice such signs, then do call the professionals for help because quick action can prevent the panel from future drastic damage and will also restore it to peak performance.


Decrease in Energy Production

You will have to keep checking the panels frequently for a significant portion. If you notice a decrease in home power suddenly or an increase in electricity bills, then be alert and call the professionals for help. 

There are various reasons for the decrease in energy production, including shading, technical issues, dirt, etc. Depending on the causes, replacements, and repairments have been done to restore optimal energy production.


Maintenance and repair

Solar panels are not less durable or need a lot of maintenance. You will have to clean the panel at a particular interval of time to remove the rust and debris. If your panel frequently needs repairing, then it is indicating underlying issues. The issues can be raised by improper installation, manufacturing defects, and severe weather conditions.


Technology and Efficiency 

If you want enhanced solar panels, then you can also replace your old panel with an updated panel. In the past few years, significantly solar technology has evolved. New models of solar panels are more efficient and durable than the older ones. 

The features of the new solar panel are also enhanced in the older ones. The enhancement in the new solar panel results in higher energy production, warranties, and weather resistance. Enhancements in the new solar panels lead to the reduction of electric bills and also reduce carbon footprint. 

The new solar panel needs low maintenance, reliable enough, and more. If your model’s solar panels are outdated, then you can replace them with newer ones instead of repairing them again and again.


Unexpected Shutdowns

The shutdown can occur due to some reasons including installation issues, wiring problems, and manufacturing defects. If your inverter acquires too much voltage, then it may cause shutdown frequently. According to frequent shutdowns, you need to change your inverter’s setting or install an inverter that handles high voltage appropriately.


Low power output

Low output may have numerous reasons, it may have some wiring issues, or the panel may be dirty, or the panel may be damaged, so clear this mesh out. You need to troubleshoot the panel with the help of professionals. 

If you have installed the panel, then it should not drop down below 80% of the production capacity in its first 25 years, and if still happier, the warranty will cover it up with the replacements.



In conclusion, solar system panels are an advanced technology that has enhanced electricity performance without water and a transformer. With the use of solar panels, electricity bills can be saved, which means it also saves your money and also saves electricity. 

It collects the electricity in a kinetic form and lightens the area or a place when the sunlight stops coming to the earth. These six signs you should remember because they show when you should take the help of professionals.