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If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom to give it a classy look without missing out on the best functional experience, then getting the right shower panels is a good way to achieve that. Getting a good whole body shower experience is just the thing that can rejuvenate you after a long and stressful day.

Shower panels come with water functions integrated into them, which can be used conveniently to your benefit. These panels work to give your whole body a massage with the propelling water that helps calm and ease the tensions in your muscles.

Every bathroom differs in size and space, which requires you to check out distinct options to make the most out of your purchase.



You need to explore the expectations and features you want out of your shower system before investing in any particular option. Some shower panels come with accessories that complement the entire water delivery system.

The problem with shower panels is that they come in different shapes and sizes, each of them with its unique design and functionality. Before buying and installing a shower panel system, you can check 10 best shower panel reviews & consider a few important things to assist you in figuring out the best option that suits your needs.

Nature of Installation:

The installation process of every shower panel can differ based on the model and manufacturer of each system. Most set-up kits come with the necessary components and fittings required to install them into place easily, while some are complicated enough for you to need the services of a plumber.

Incomplete components mean you get to incur extra expenses when setting up the entire process. You can go through several products to ascertain which one comes with all the required fittings.


Type of Materials:

The kind of materials the components of a shower panel system is based on tends to affect its performance and durability. Some panels are made of rust-resistant materials, like Aluminum or Stainless Steel, which guarantees that the panels will last for an extended period. They are also lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion and damage with the proper maintenance carried out regularly.

You could also go for chrome, which offers a brighter appearance but is less durable than stainless steel is. We recommend that whichever material you choose is one that matches the design of other metal appliances in your bathroom.


Water Pressure:

This is a very important feature of every shower panel system that affects the efficiency and comfort of the user.

Different models possess distinct features that influence the water pressure; all you have to do is get one that suits the requirements you have for the system to be installed.

It would be best if you also went for a shower panel that allows each feature to function separately without affecting the overall pressure of the water. Some systems don’t let the functionality of different functions working simultaneously because it tends to affect the water pressure.


The Features Integrated:

Several shower panels come with exciting luxury features that add to the overall value and quality of the system. Some come with LED lights, misting jets, shower mirrors, massaging jets, which you can get to enjoy.

While some others come with features that allow you to save up on water and nothing more interesting. However, if saving water is what you are concerned with, then you can opt for such models. You can check out the different features that come with each model to figure out the best for you.



There are some models of shower panel systems that come with a limited warranty that covers damages in parts. If a manufacturer of a specific shower panel doesn’t offer you a warranty, then you should be concerned because most of such products don’t work the way they are supposed to.

You can contact the customer service of a particular product to confirm whether or not you will be granted a warranty when you purchase that product. This can help you save up on buying defective products and also cut down on any extra expenses in repairs.



Getting your shower panel is the right decision to make because they offer you a combination of luxurious water features to provide the best experience possible when looking to wash up. However, it would help if you considered all the factors mentioned above before purchasing to save you the trouble of having to procure another suitable model.

The price of the shower panel model also matters because different models come at separate price ranges. You can compare these models, their features, and cost to get the best value for your money while sticking to a budget set for the entire process.