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Your home’s HVAC system is its main defense against hot weather. Unfortunately, global temperatures are rising, and the world’s becoming a lot hotter than it used to be. Just last year, the United Kingdom had an ‘Indian summer’ with temperatures achieving record highs.

No matter where you live, it’s clear that things are warming up. If you are somebody who does not respond well to heat, then you need to buy an HVAC system and keep it in working order.

This post will tell you what to do if yours ever stops working:

Hire Repairmen

At least once in your HVAC’s life cycle, it will need to be repaired professionally, probably in an emergency, like if your unit has completely broken down. The experts over at Air Central HVAC in Garland, Texas, say that in addition to performing emergency repairs, HVAC repairmen can perform routine maintenance on your system for you. As a general rule, if anything goes wrong with your unit and you aren’t sure how to fix it, call for professional help. The rest of this article will offer some advice on routine maintenance and casual repairs.


Check Filter

Sometimes, HVAC systems stop working because their filters are blocked up. If you do not regularly clean or change your filter, this could be why yours has stopped working. Be sure to check and change your filter every once in a while, as in every month. If your system isn’t working properly, i.e., if it’s blowing out hot air, then the first thing you should check is your filter. Another reason it’s important to change your filter is that sometimes mould grows inside of them. If mould grows in yours, then spores will be released every time it is turned on. Mould is harmless to most people but can pose a serious threat to those with compromised immune systems or asthma.


Electrical Wiring

One of the main reasons people’s HVAC systems stop working is because of wiring issues. If your system isn’t even turning on, then it’s essential that you call in a professional and get them to take a look. Under no circumstances should you start tampering with your system’s wiring yourself, especially if you haven’t got a qualification or experience in electrics. Working with electricity can be very dangerous. Every year, thousands of people die or are seriously injured from unprotected exposure to electricity


Proper Setup

If you have only just purchased your HVAC system and it isn’t working then the problem could be that you haven’t set it up properly. Refer back to the manufacturer’s instructions manual, and make sure you have followed all of the steps outlined there. Setting HVAC systems up can be a little confusing if you have never done it before, but as long as you have the manufacturer’s guidance manual, then you have nothing to worry about. Direct any questions about setup to the manufacturer of your system, not the retailer (if you bought it from a third-party company).

HVAC systems are a great way to protect against hot weather. However, because they are so expensive, it’s essential that you keep yours in working order. If you do not then you could have to completely replace your unit. You can look after yours by following the instructions given here in this post.