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Education has always been a hot topic for many people. As the world continues to rely on technology and as people become more educated, a college degree is not only an option for a larger number of jobs but is also a requirement. In the world of home renovations, however, there’s more of an emphasis on skill; it’s about what your chosen renovator can do with their hands.

Nevertheless, renovation companies are always looking for an edge, whether that be architectural backgrounds or having degreed interior designers lending their theoretical education to a renovation’s practical concerns. There are many questions that individuals may have about various degrees and how they can help your renovator make stunning choices that homeowners love. This article covers the basics of what a degree or two can do for home renovations and breaks down the advantages offered by each.



Architecture is a broad term that encompasses many different fields of study. The main focus of the design is to provide solutions to the problems encountered by architects. Architecture requires an individual to have a high level of creativity, a certain skill with drawing, and a good understanding of science and math to be able to take abstraction and make it stable and practical.

Architects understand concepts such as plane graphs (a graphical representation of changes in building height over time), and structural engineering. It is extremely important for a potential graduate to research the differences between each degree and to find a program that suits their goals. Home renovators with architecture degrees under their belts are well prepared for the job.


Construction Management

A construction management degree is much more hands-on, using courses taught by subject-matter experts and highly qualified teachers rather than those taught by professors who have no practical experience in the field. This allows individuals in the course to learn the skills and technicalities of construction management in a shorter amount of time, putting them into a position to get hired right away after graduating.

Construction Management is a very diverse field, which allows individuals to pursue careers in many different areas. This degree can also be broken down into two categories: construction management and construction engineering. Construction management focuses more on the business aspects of the field, while construction engineering focuses on the technical side. Either one will provide an individual with what they need to get started working in home renovations, whether it is for a large corporation or a small company.


Construction Engineering

Construction engineering is the most technical of the three degrees available in construction management. The subjects taught in construction engineering are very similar to those taught in a mechanical engineering program. The main focus of this degree is on learning how to design and actually build things with construction materials being used, such as wood, concrete, and steel. Both construction management and construction engineering are very strong in math, science, and language skills because they both require a lot of analysis of materials and design data that can be found throughout a complete renovation project.


Urban Design

Urban design degrees are also concerned with building design, but they focus more on the aesthetic qualities of a building and how they complement city planning. They often deal with larger structures, such as hotels and apartment buildings, rather than homes or office buildings. This degree can help home renovation companies focuses on real estate marketing aspects and design satisfaction for trendier areas.


Interior Design

Last but definitely not least, interior design is concerned with making an individual’s home or office more comfortable from the blueprinting stage. There are many different aspects involved in this field, such as space allocation and colour or material aesthetic philosophy. People who boast a background in this field can offer different types of interior design theory that you can find at various colleges. Some may specialize in mainly interior design principles, while some may even touch on highly philosophical concepts such as feng shui. These departments give you a better idea of what a degree offers.

There are many ways to pursue a degree in this field, and each one is just as important as the other. Each category covers a wide area and provides a person with the tools they need to bring new advantages to their renovation companies. Ultimately, getting a home renovator who can back up their experience with theory is a tremendous bonus that can be quite transformative once the work is done.