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Are you in need of storing furniture for temporary relocation or significant downsizing? This may be the perfect size you need when buying a storage unit.

With an area of 100 Square feet, it has the capacity to store stuff for two bedrooms or one two-room apartment.


What are storage units?

Storage units can be defined as the location used for the temporary preservation of goods or objects to be accessed by the owner at some later point in time.

Initially, these were mostly only used by the business for storage of articles in addition to warehouses, but now they have become more common and are owned by the general public, who use them to store furniture, artifacts, electronics, and even archives.


Why would you need storage units?

If you find yourself relocating for a job, it gives you enough space to store your belongings instead of moving everything around.

If you are renovating or remodeling your house and need a temporary space to store your furniture and appliances while the work is being done, storage units come as a perfect option as they can be rented for as long as you might need.

Students also tend to use them when going on summer breaks, to store books, clothes, bedding, etc.


What are the sizes of storage units?

Storage units generally range from 3×3 feet to 10×10 feet, small and large, respectively.

There are also some special storage units available that are up to 50×10 built for oversized vehicle storage.

Prices also vary according to the size and the number of facilities you want your storage unit to have.

For example, M3 Self Storage allows you to rent out storage units at affordable rates, and there is also the availability of CCTV cameras for you to monitor the safety of the stuff you have stored.


What to store in a 100 square feet storage unit?

A typical 100 Square feet unit offers a ceiling of around 8ft and is designed to hold one full family room worth of furniture.

Of course, this is the maximum amount and includes things like large appliances, couches, tables, home décor items, two queen-sized beds, cabinets, and a lot of storage containers or boxes.

If you are using the storage container to store things like artifacts, files, or electronics, the amount of stuff you can store increases drastically in this large storage unit. Similarly, it can also easily store a four-wheeler vehicle that is driven into it, as well as a small trailer to park it on.


What should you not put in your storage unit?

Even though self-storage is a great solution when you are relocating or remodeling, and there is a lot of stuff you can safely store in them, there are certain things you must be careful not to put in a storage unit.

These include food and hazardous materials, chemicals, and living things, as they can be damaged or can damage other stuff. For safety and legal reasons, there is also a strict policy against the storage of weapons, stolen goods, and unregistered vehicles.


How much does a 10×10 storage unit cost?

The prices highly depend on the area you are getting the storage unit in and can range from 17 pounds to 20 pounds weekly. This is an average price that highly varies according to the location, company and security of the unit. There are also special discounts available for students, especially when booking online.