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When landlords start looking for tenants, they do so by keeping a set of traits in their minds which they seek in the applicants. They want to make sure that their property is going in good and responsible hands and would not result in ruthless wear and tear of the interior. Therefore, when you as a tenant possess some really good qualities that created a good past rental record, you automatically increase your chances of getting approved.

In this article, we will look at what are the traits and qualities that one should possess to qualify as a good tenant. 

Regular and timely payment 

The most important trait landlords look for in their tenant is the quality of paying the rent regularly and on time. So, as a tenant, you should keep the rental payment the topmost priority in the list of your monthly expenses. Once a relationship between you and your landlord is established, then many landlords sometimes give relaxation in payment schedule but this is only possible if you gain their trust in the starting few months. 

The reason for the importance of timely rent payment is that your landlord might have to pay the home loan or make a mortgage payment. Delay from your side can cause your landlords to suffer from serious financial issues, that would ultimately affect you if they, unfortunately, lose the property. So timely payment is important for your landlord as well as for you. 

Being vocal about the major issues

It is advisable to communicate the major maintenance issues like water damages and leaks or pest problems. If you communicate these issues on the starting stage, you will not only prevent yourself from suffering these issues but it will also please your landlord. Your landlords would be happy to know any sort of issue before it gets bigger and become hard to handle. 

Also, if you let your landlord know about the issues, they can guide you properly on submitting an online maintenance request or they will let you know if there is any other best option available. 

Avoid excessive complaining

Communicating major maintenance issues to your landlord is one thing but constantly bothering them with even the smallest problem that you can easily deal on your own might come off as whining. Most landlords usually have more than one tenants at a time which means you are not their only priority. They deal with many tenants and therefore they can only listen to a certain amount of complaints and respond to them. Bombarding them with issues after issues can irritate them to the point where they might start looking for other low maintenance tenants.  

Take good care of the property

Even if the property originally belongs to someone else, as a dweller of that place you must keep the property as clean and maintained as possible. It is, in fact, advisable that on time of moving out, you should leave it the way you received it from your landlord in the starting, all clean. 

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