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Following the rule book is outdated now!

Everyone wants to stay above and beyond the design trends. Contemporary homeowners crave for design elements that not only offer strength and durability but also emphasize aesthetics. Transparency and radiance are two traits that are highly desirable in the design elements. Both of these properties can be found in the glass but you have to compromise on the strength factor. However, with the introduction of plexiglass in the market, the dynamics of the glass industry have radically changed. Plexiglass or acrylic glass is a state-of-the-art alternative to glass. It offers a unique blend of versatility, strength, design brilliance, and stability. Due to these characteristics, acrylic glass has taken over the glass industry and it is extensively used in elevating the home interior as well as exterior. Let’s consider some of the uses of acrylic glass in our homes.

Entrance Doors – Pretty And Functional

We all aspire to have glass doors but due to security concerns, we let go of the idea. However, you can realize your dream of having shiny and super-lustrous doors without compromising home security. Get acrylic glass doors.

Acrylic glass is at least 17 times stronger than ordinary glass. It is potentially unbreakable so you can conveniently install acrylic glass entrance doors without stressing about home security. Acrylic doors accentuate the building aesthetics and offer a longer service life. Some homeowners prefer frosted acrylic for the entrance doors to block the direct view into the home.

Window Replacement Glass – Replace the Breakable With Unbreakable

Due to the high optical clarity, the acrylic glass qualifies as the perfect window replacement glass. Acrylic glass window panels are light in weight, highly durable, and shatterproof. Acrylic windows can endure harsh weather conditions without getting damaged. You don’t have to compromise on the light transmission rate either. In fact, acrylic glass transmits light better than ordinary glass. It also filters out the harmful UV radiations of the sun making it a perfect material to be used in windows. Moreover, you have more design options with acrylic glass. The plexiglass is highly customizable so you can keep up with the design trends by getting customized panels for your windows.

Shower Enclosures – Bold And Beautiful 

Toughened glass is typically used in shower enclosures to boost durability. But glass shower doors are heavier and thus hard to operate. On the other hand, acrylic glass shower doors are super-light and easy to use. Furthermore, plexiglass shower enclosures are available in a plethora of design options. You can choose a unique shower door style according to your design aesthetics and make a style statement.


Display Cabinets – Flaunt Your Collectibles With Style

Acrylic can transmit light better than glass. Therefore, it is extensively used in making the display unit.

Acrylic display cabinets are a great addition to the home interior. You can put your collectibles, artifacts, souvenirs, and even crockery in the clear cabinets. Just place the acrylic cabinet strategically and accentuate your home interior with lustrous display cabinets.

Clear acrylic glass cabinets are also used to complement the kitchens. You can also boost the bathroom storage with acrylic glass cabinets.

Floating Shelves – Trendy Space Boosters

The vertical space usually goes unnoticed and unused in homes. How great would it be if we use it effectively! Well, floating shelves are the perfect solution to this!

Glass shelves are especially known for their visual appeal. However, they are somewhat delicate so you have to be careful about what to place on the glass shelves. Acrylic glass floating shelves liberate you from any such concern. Plexiglass shelves are super-strong and flexible. From your favorite flower vase to a stack of books, you can put anything on the acrylic shelves. They are easy to install, light in weight, and go well with every interior style.

Kitchen Backsplash – Spice Up the Boring Interior 

Unlike glass, acrylic comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles. This trait is especially desirable for the kitchen backsplash. Acrylic kitchen backsplash is a rather new concept but it’s highly valued among interior designers as it makes cleaning and kitchen maintenance hassle-free. The acrylic backsplash also gives a contemporary and refined feel to the kitchen.

The traditional backsplash like ceramic, porcelain, or tile backsplash certainly enhance the aesthetics but they need frequent maintenance. The acrylic backsplash, on the contrary, is low-maintenance, waterproof, durable, and ultra-chic.

Home Furniture – A Futuristic Approach to Home Furnishing

The contemporary homeowner is more interested in light-weight, durable, and easy-to-handle furniture instead of solid, heavyweight, and rigid pieces. That’s why plexiglass is replacing glass in the furniture industry. Moreover, acrylic glass is highly customizable and offers more design versatility than ordinary glass. It can be cut in any shape, size, and design.

Acrylic glass tabletops, coffee tables, bed frames, and decor items are highly in use these days. Plastic glass furniture also holds up better against daily wear and tear which makes it the perfect material for home furnishing. You can cherish the brilliance of glass and the flexibility of plastic with acrylic furniture.


In a Word!  

Acrylic glass works like a charm in home improvement, be it interior or exterior. From doors and windows to picture frames and decor items, acrylic glass has shown its magnificence in everything. It’s fascinating material for creative souls. Design enthusiasts can easily use it in their DIY projects.

Make sure to clean it regularly to cherish the true glory of plexiglass products for an even longer time span.