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What Are Pavers?

Pavers are slabs of stone, rock or synthetic material that function much like concrete slabs. They are available in a wide variety of materials and are primarily used to create pathways or driveways in private or public spaces. Most often, these materials are installed by asphalt contractors, like Economy Paving.

The Types of Pavers


Perhaps one of the best options available for pavers, asphalt is a durable, low-cost material that can transform the look and feel of any landscape. Although it offers a rougher look than some of the more processed options on the market, asphalt pavers installed by asphalt contractors are a great option for anyone looking to get a smooth, attractive and low-cost paver. Typical costs start at $3.00 per square foot.



Brick pavers are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit the needs of patio and pathway makers across the country. They are often smaller pavers, about hand-size, and typically come in a vaguely rectangular shape. Generally, the cost of these starts at $20 per square foot, making them ideal for smaller projects and accents.



Cobblestone is typically made from granite; however, other materials can be used in place. These are perhaps the oldest form of pavers available and generally require little maintenance after installation. They cost between $20 to $70 per square foot, making them an expensive yet attractive option.



As concrete is a manufactured material, the options are near limitless. From different sizes and shapes to colours and cuts, concrete pavers are a diverse option for pathways, driveways and more. Plus, the installation of this material is relatively straightforward, making it a great choice for rush projects and dedicated professionals alike. The material is relatively inexpensive, clocking in at a starting price of $10 per square foot.


Natural Stone

Natural stone pavers include many different materials, like travertine, marble, flagstone, tumbled granite brick, slate and more. These materials are unique in their beauty and highly sought after for their rarity and appearance. The choice to build with these materials should not be made lightly, but the results are certainly going to be spectacular. Due to the range of materials available in this category, pricing can be a bit general. For instance, flagstone pavers should not exceed $30 per square foot, whereas tumbled granite brick can reach up to $50 per square foot.


Find Your Pavers Today

The best pavers can only be found through individual preference for a particular style. As many of the options presented above have several options, in terms of manufacturer, colour and style, options abound regardless of the choice you make. Be sure to balance cost with style for best results, and contact your local asphalt contractors to complete the work quickly, effectively and with quality in mind.