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Well-done kitchen renovations add more than monetary value to homes at resale. They are some of the most popular home improvement projects with homeowners because they allow for unmatched creativity in high-traffic rooms. If you’re considering a kitchen makeover, consider these seven trends in kitchen design before breaking out your demolition tools.

#1 Open Spaces Are in the Zone


Open spaces that incorporate kitchen, living, and dining areas are still trending in professional kitchen design planning. However, zoning offers a new twist to 2020’s large, open-space kitchen designs. Open spaces are now subtly partitioned with luxe furnishings, decorative screens, and even substantial house plants to create intimate settings for cooking, eating, and conversing.


#2 Open Shelving Replaces Upper Cabinets


The right kitchen cabinets can make or break a smart renovation project. Design experts use upmarket lower cabinets and replace upper cabinets with open shelving in today’s kitchens. Open shelves give homeowners the chance to personalize the space with their favorite artwork or heirloom china.


According to statistics that HomeAdvisor published, most kitchen renovations in the United States cost between $20,000 and $50,000. The company stated that 20 percent of renovation costs are slated for kitchen cabinets. When you replace your upper cabinets with open shelves, you’ll be on trend and get significant cost savings.


#3 Islands Are the New Dining Tables




When compartmentalized kitchen, dining, and living spaces are combined into one large room, your design options are endless. Installing a large island in the kitchen is one trend that’s holding its own in 2020. Forget about islands that have cooktops for heavy-duty sauteing. These new islands double as dining tables and feature clean-lined, elegant designs.


A popular option is a single-level island with a waterfall ledge that creates a space for chairs or stools. The height of this type of island should be level with your kitchen’s lower cabinets. When it comes to island countertop materials, the look is luxe and showy in 2020. Marble island countertops are making a comeback as the material of choice in high-end kitchens. If your budget is a little more limited, there’s nothing wrong with selecting a quartz look alike.

#4 Look Up for Spectacular Ceiling Treatments


While your kitchen’s wall color, cabinets, and backsplash get lots of attention, the room’s ceiling is a source of untapped design inspiration. Builders create upscale architectural detail by installing coffered ceilings that help homeowners to banish the builder-grade look for good. Exposed beam ceilings also add interest to lackluster kitchens. You can paint real-wood or faux-wood beams to match the rest of your ceiling or leave them a natural wood color.


#5 Pantry Organization


Today’s households are all about doing more with less. Many homeowners made New Year’s resolutions to have zero-waste kitchens. Installing custom pantry organization systems helps them to reach their goals and conduct more efficient kitchen operations. These pantry systems have open shelves, pull-out drawers, and other space-saving features.


#6 High-Tech Pulls and Hardware


Function and style are what homeowners and designers demand from kitchen hardware in 2020. Recessed handles and push-open drawers support a sophisticated, sleek look in modern kitchen designs. Also, nothing gives a brick backsplash an accent of class than a Monogram zv750syss wall-mounted vent hood.


#7 Wood-ish Flooring


Wood flooring that extends throughout the home unifies your kitchen with the rest of your home’s rooms. While this look is quite popular for its seamless designer appearance, most homeowners are wary of putting expensive hardwood floors in their kitchens. After all, tile is durable enough to handle food messes and spills, and it’s often cheaper to install than hardwood. With modern flooring options, these homeowners don’t have to sacrifice the look that they want for the resilience that they need. You can get tile that looks like plank wood flooring.


Bonus: A Recipe Station


Whether you’re an old-school cook who writes down his recipes via pen and pad or a tech-savvy chef who edits recipes on her iPad, you’ll appreciate a recipe station. A recipe station is simply a space where one can pull up recipes, pay bills, and do homework while staying close to the action in the kitchen. Besides an integrated desk, you’ll want shelves, a comfortable chair, and plenty of outlets to charge your electronic devices.




If you’re fascinated by 2020’s top kitchen design trends, contact Find the Home Pros to get matched with talented designers and building contractors in your area. With Find the Home Pros, your dream kitchen is just a few clicks away.



Authored by: Heather Meehan


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