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Having a garage can provide a lot of benefits. Aside from being a safe and secure area where you could park your vehicles, a garage can also increase your living space. You can use your garage as an extension of your living area or convert it into an entertainment room or a man cave. How your garage looks and functions can also affect the value and aesthetic appeal of your property.

Aside from making sure that it’s free from any type of garage door problems, you should also be careful when choosing a garage door color. How your garage looks from the outside can give visitors and passersby an idea of what to expect inside your house and how efficient you are as a homeowner.

In order for your garage door to create a positive impression, take note of the following tips when choosing its color:

  1. Think About The Color Of Your Home First

Before deciding what shade to use for your garage door, you should start by looking at the color of your home first. Disregarding this step and, instead, copying ideas from others or online can lead to less than desirable results. For instance, while scouring the Internet for inspirations, you stumble upon this photo of a yellow-colored garage door standing out from a beige-colored home. Because you love it, you copy it without any hesitation. However, painting your garage door yellow will never yield the same results because your home’s color is not compatible.

For you to meet your expectations and avoid using colors that clash with each other, pay attention to the color of your home. Your garage door should complement the existing theme of your home, not go against it. This tip can also help you end up with a property that looks more uniform and polished.

To help you match your garage door’s color to that of your home, consider these tips:

  • Color Options For A White House

 If your house has white as its dominant color, you’ll have unlimited options when it comes to garage door colors. White works well with any color, so it all boils down to the ambiance or mood you want your garage door color to create. This is one instance when you can go bold!

Here are some color ideas for a white house: 

  • Black: A black-colored garage door is one of the best choices for a white house. Black can stand out against white and can create a sophisticated look in any modern home.
  • White: For people who want their properties to look monochromatic, painting a garage door white is the best way to go.
  • Darker Primary Colors: Having the privilege to match your white house with any color can also increase the risks of turning your property into an uncoordinated structure. If you want to stay on the safe side, use a primary color on your garage door. Shades of blue, red, and yellow always work well when paired with white.
  • Neutrals: If you don’t want to go overboard with your garage door color, consider picking neutrals. A brown or dark gray garage door can create a subtle yet sophisticated look.
  • Wood Stain: Painting your garage door with another color is a great option, but remember that it’s not your only available option. If you’re aiming to create a unique and more natural look, opt for a wood-stained garage door. The color and texture of stained wood create the right amount of drama when used against a white backdrop.

It’s always best to hire the services of professionals, such as this repair company when it comes to the painting or repainting of your garage door. This way, you’re guaranteed ultra-polished and stunning results.

  • Garage Door Colors For A Brick House

 Unlike white, picking the right garage door color for a brick house requires more time and effort. Aside from the color of the house, you should also consider its texture.

You can use these tips when choosing a garage door color for your brick house:

  • Brick’s Dominating Color: Bricks used in homes come in different colors. To help you decide on the best garage door color, take the time to determine one dominating color from the bricks in your house. If you can see a lot of white specks and tans in your bricks, use these colors when picking a garage door color.
  • Brick’s Primary Color: For you to make your garage door stand out while still creating a cohesive look with your brick home, focus on the primary color of the brick. If your home has red bricks, choose red paint. If your house is comprised of yellow bricks, have your garage door painted yellow.
  • Deep Neutral: Generally, brick homes can complement garage doors in chocolate brown or deep bronze. A buttercream hue or smoky gray works well with brick homes, too.
  • High-contrast: If you don’t want your garage door to look monochromatic, choose to go high-contrast with your garage door color. You can do this by identifying the main color in your bricks and picking a color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel.

Garage doors in lavender can complement a home made from yellow bricks, while a mint green colored garage door is a great option for homes with red bricks. These color ‘opposites’ are a little more difficult to select, and you may want to consult a color expert and your local paint store.

  • Garage Door Colors For A Gray House

 Gray is similar to white in the sense that this color also gives you a lot of flexibility and options when it comes to garage door colors. However, unlike white, you have to be careful when picking a garage door color for a gray house because not all shades match.

Make sure that your garage door color complements your gray house by following these tips:

  • High-contrast Works: Using black or white for your garage door is a no brainer when you have a gray house. Black and white can make your garage door stand out without going against your gray-colored home.
  • Deep Colors Are Great Options: Using deep and rich colors for your garage door can make your property feel cozier. Burgundy and navy blue are some of the best colors to use for your garage door.
  • Try A Monochromatic Look: Going for a monochromatic look is one of the easiest ways to create an aesthetically pleasing property. Using gray as your garage door color and as your home’s primary color can create a clean look. To make your garage door look different, choose a darker or lighter shade for it.
  1. Consider The Ambiance Or Mood That The Color Creates

Picking the best color for your garage door will require you to study color psychology. Different colors can affect a person’s mood differently, and picking the wrong color for your garage door might create an unpleasant mood or ambiance. This will make your garage and your property feel less appealing.

Aside from knowing the primary colors of your home, you should know how each color affects a person’s mood. All of this information can help you pick the perfect garage door color that will look good on the eyes and improve a person’s mood.

Listed below are the most common color choices for garage doors and what each color symbolizes:

  •  Bold Colors: These colors are loud, daring, and full of energy. Red is a classic example of a bold color. Using this color for your garage door can stimulate the senses and create a lot of drama.

A yellow-colored garage door can still catch attention although it’s more subtle than red. This color symbolizes happiness and joy, and displays a happy and sunny energy.

Purple is another example of a bold color; it speaks a lot about mystery and creativity. You can consider using purple throughout your garage door or use it as an accent color against a neutral-colored garage door.

  • Sophisticated Colors: Black, brown, and gray are sophisticated colors that can complement almost all homes. Using a sophisticated color for your garage door can showcase your sophistication as a homeowner while adding a little bit of mystery.
  • Relaxed Colors: As the name suggests, relaxing colors can create a calming effect once viewed. These colors can help relax the mind and make you feel at peace.

For you to make your property look and feel more relaxing, use shades of green or blue for your garage door. Green symbolizes nature and the great outdoors, while blue highlights calm and peaceful moods.

  1. Look At Your Home’s Current Exterior Features

A general rule to follow when picking a garage door color is to make sure that it complements the colors of your home’s exterior features. Having a color-coordinated property will make the area look bigger, and help avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

For you to end up choosing a garage door color that ties together all of the exterior features of your home, consider these tips:

  • Avoid using the same color as that of your front door, porch door, and shutters for your garage door. These features are the focal points of your home, and having a garage door with the same color can draw away attention from your home.
  • Determine the prominent colors in your tiles, shingles, driveways, and pathways. Since these features are difficult and expensive to change, it’s best if you pick a garage door color that complements all of these.

Do these features come in a cool or warm undertone?  Using blue or gray for your garage door color is a great option. If your home’s exterior features come in warmer colors, consider choosing brown or beige shades for your garage door.

  • Step back and look at the larger picture when choosing a garage door color. Aside from the prominent colors present in your house, you should also consider the colors in your surroundings. Do you live near reflective lakes and blue seas? Using colors of blue or cream for your garage door can work well with your surroundings. Do you live below lush green mountains?  Choosing earthy hues for your garage door color would be a great choice.
  • For you to successfully choose a garage door color that matches your existing exterior features, determine how you want your home to connect with the local scenery. Do you want your home to look as natural as possible, or do you want it to stand out in the area?

Spend some time to appreciate the natural beauty near your property and get inspiration from it. Plants, landscapes, and bodies of water can give you a lot of ideas on what color you should use for your garage door.

  1. Talk To An Expert

With the number of rules you have to consider, picking the right color for your garage door can be a struggle. You might want to use purple for your garage door, but since it doesn’t work well with your home’s color, you might see yourself lost for options.

If you don’t want to make costly mistakes from choosing the wrong garage door color, opt to talk to an expert. A home décor expert has the necessary training and skills to help you decide the perfect color for your garage door. With their service, you can guarantee that your property will have an outstanding appearance, all thanks to your newly-painted garage door!

It’s Easy When You Know How

Choosing the right garage door color is important because it allows you to improve the appearance of your home and property. By picking the right color, you can boost the curb appeal of your property as well as maximize your investment long-term. This is especially important if you have plans to sell your home soon.

This article can be a great guide if you see yourself struggling to pick a garage door color. Despite the number of colors, finishes, and design elements available for garage doors today, if you know what look you’re going for, picking the right color can become a piece of cake.

Also, in case you feel like choosing the right color for your garage door and doing the painting itself are outside the range of your skills, you can always hire professionals to do the conceptualization and the actual painting work for you. In this day and age, you need not do it all yourself!