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6 Tips for Stress-free Moving in New York

Many people tend to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of moving, especially into a city like New York. But despite the challenges, you can make the process easier by planning early. Use these six tips to make your move a stress-free experience.



Create a Moving Checklist

Before taking any steps, create a checklist at least one month before the move. Early planning will prevent the last-minute rush to organize your belongings.

It is common to underestimate the time spent packing or finding a suitable moving company. Set aside some of your spare time to organize your belongings and create a checklist.

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of items to organize and pack, start sorting everything into two groups. Place everything in one pile for belongings you’ll be moving with and another for things you intend to dispose of or donate.

Get rid of unwanted items by either selling or donating. You can contact local charities in New York online to donate clothes or cutlery you no longer need. Whether you give to charity or sell on eBay, ensure you remove unwanted items from your property before moving.



Gather Packing Materials All at Once

After creating an inventory list, you can start gathering packing materials. You’ll need different packing materials for fragile, light, and heavy items. Find enough plastic bags to store linen, bedding, and other fabrics in your home.

You can place fragile items in a container, but ensure you have enough bubble-wrap or soft tissue for padding. Standard boxes are not suitable for heavy items. Consider buying a plastic container that can handle the weight.

When packing kitchen items, heavy utensils and tools should be at the bottom and lighter items at the top of the box. Place cutlery on its side in the box. Use sturdy tape and ensure you cover the sides of the container to keep your valuables safe.

Ensure you pack all items, and don’t assume movers will help you on the day of the move. New York moves can be hectic, and there is often no time for last-minute packing.

It is also advisable to acquire all your moving boxes from one supplier when possible. Determine the packing materials you need and purchase them all at once to save time. You can contact a moving company in New York for industry-grade packing materials.



Keep Sentimental and Priceless Valuables With You

Pack and keep all the priceless items with you when moving. You can lose valuables in the commotion. Separate expensive electronics and jewelry and keep them with you when moving.

In New York, moving companies are not liable for the full cost if there are damages or lost items. When carrying fragile and expensive goods, ask the mover to explain their liability obligations. You can always organize all your documents for easy retrieval when you unpack. Carry your personal documentation in your car; you may need it to check on utilities or clear with the landlord.

In other words, treat the move like a trip. Pack a suitcase with toiletries, a phone charger, and your medication. You won’t have to unpack boxes to find a toothbrush or tissue paper when you move into the new house.



Prepare the New House for the Move

You’ll also need to prepare the new house for the move. Confirm the apartment is clean to reduce the hassle of settling in when you arrive. Determine if you’ll need plumbers or handyman services as early as possible.

Take measurements of the new house to determine if there is space for furniture. You can draw a floor plan using the dimensions of the apartment. Getting a sense of how things will fit can reduce frustrations when unpacking.

Find days when you’ll be the only one moving into the apartment building. Maneuvering furniture in tight spaces can be a problem in New York. So, being the only one in the building moving in or out is an advantage.

You can ask the building’s management to give you a schedule of people moving in or out. You can adjust the date to a time when moving in is less of a hassle.

Confirm the date of the move with the moving company. After deciding on the date, change your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Check the utilities in the house and ensure water and electricity will be available.

Moving companies will want an idea of the size and number of items you’ll need them to transport. You can share your inventory with the movers to avoid surprises on the big day. The company may want a description of the building, including the number of stairs to plan the move.



Find a Storage Unit as Early as Possible

Apartments in New York have a reputation for their small size and virtually no storage space. You may realize you need more space for your items. A self-storage space is necessary if you need to do some renovations at the last minute.

If you can’t sell or donate unwanted items on time, you may want access to a storage unit. You can find storage units of different sizes for either temporary or long-term storage. There are different facilities ideal for motorcycles, cars, or boats.

Decide on the self-storage type you need and how long you’ll use it. Also, ensure the space is secure enough for your valuables. Check if the self-storage needs cleaning or preparation before you relocate your valuables.



Manage and Finalize the Move

Before the day of the move, explore the current house and check if you’ve left anything behind. Make sure you go through the attic and the basement.

Retrieving any tools or items can be complicated after you have relocated to a new home. Examine the bill of lading carefully before signing a contract with a moving company.

If possible, be with the movers on the day of the move. They may need to consult you about items that need repacking. You can leave pets and children at a friend’s house to avoid distractions.

With careful planning, moving does not have to be a hassle. Make sure you organize your items early to get an accurate quote on time.