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The ever-increasing cost of living nowadays puts most people in a predicament. It is getting harder and harder to afford rent for houses, much more to own one.

Having a small house seems to be the trend these days if you want to minimize the costs associated with maintaining your home. But it does not mean you can’t indulge in remodeling and renovation projects here and there.

If you want to maximize what little space you have in your humble abode, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some brilliant ideas to help you get started.

Consider Open-plan Living

Old houses often come with interior walls meant to break up space in a house. This outdated house design cramps small spaces even further. Good thing there is a simple remedy to this dilemma—opening up the floor plan. 

Instead of separating the living and dining areas, for example, you may want to tear down the wall or remove the divider to give the small space a much nicer and welcoming flow. This connects the two zones more efficiently, allowing you to move more freely. 

Plus, this brings your family together. Imagine doing your usual chores in the kitchen and still being able to help out with your kids’ homework. Open-plan spaces also allow more natural light in, creating a pleasant, airy place to live.

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Utilize Underused Spaces

Ever heard of hidden storage and multi-functional home features? This space-saving trick is essential in a new home. If you have unutilized and unused spaces such as under the stairs or sink, you can take advantage of the available spot by adding built-in storage. 

Take a look at your kitchen. You might find an underused spot where you can put up a hidden pantry. It will give you a place to put all your spices and other cooking essentials while keeping your kitchen more organized and clutter-free. Just make sure to be thorough and take pest control measures to keep your supplies safe. 

Other ideas include utilizing the space under your bed to store your bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. In your bathroom, there might be an opportunity to build a floating shelf below the sink where you can put your toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

Let More Natural Light In

full sized window for natural light in the coffee room

Image source: pexels.com

Alt: full sized window for natural light in the coffee room

As they say, natural light is your best friend. Letting in more light can make your small space feel and look bigger and more spacious. Natural light also comes with many benefits, including improved sleep and overall well-being.

The best way to start with this tip is to update your windows by making them bigger and doing away with heavy curtains. Instead, you can make use of blinds that can be rolled up or lighter fabrics that will still allow ample light in. 

Another way to enhance natural light in your small space is to use decorative mirrors and other reflective accessories. Not only do these features make the most of the light coming in. They can also add an elegant touch to your living spaces.

Opt for Consistent Flooring

If you want to trick the eye and make your small home look like one big space, then using consistent flooring material will do the job. It will create a continuous and cohesive flow in your small space.

Whether you opt for engineered hardwood or tiles, make sure that you are using the same flooring throughout the connected areas of your home. To create an illusion of more space, you can make use of diagonal patterns for your flooring.

Wider planks are also a great choice for flooring material. This will stretch the eye and will give you an appearance of more square footage. Blending this with diagonal patterns will make your small space look roomier and wider.

Wrapping It Up

It is every homeowner’s dream to enjoy a bigger and welcoming space. You can achieve this if you apply some of the tips and tricks we’ve provided when it comes to your latest home renovation project.

Of course, it can be quite challenging in the beginning. You just need to remember that a dose of creativity and inspiration can make your tiny treasure of a home a spacious and relaxing place to live.



Feature Image source: pexels.com