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What’s your home design style? Do you like the minimalist look and feel? What about rustic or “unfinished” touches? This article may help you figure out what you like and inspire your next home remodeling project!

Here are three of our favorite home design style trends for 2023. We think you’ll find they cover a wide range of preferences…


1.  Coastal Grandmother

Another name for the Coastal Grandmother style could be “Laid Back Luxury.” If you’ve seen the movies Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated, you’ve seen this style in the background without even realizing it. It seems to follow Diane Keaton wherever she goes!

This style is characterized by a soft, airy color palette containing white, ivory/cream and accents of blue, green and gray. Picture a beach house on the coast of Connecticut…there’s a simple, timeless elegance about it.

You’ll often find a space like this finished off with light wood furniture, perhaps with an unfinished look and feel, and natural light accented by decorative lighting fixtures. Walking into a room with this style feels like a deep breath while the sun is shining on a 75 degree day.


 2. Japandi

What a fun name, right? Japandi is a combination of Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian functionality. When you bring these two styles together, a feeling of art, nature and simplicity is created leaving homeowners with a perfectly designed and functional space.

This style focuses heavily on clean lines, bright spaces, and neutral, earthy tones. Typically, you’ll find a space like this finished off with minimalist home décor, which often includes task lighting as opposed to decorative lighting fixtures.

If ample storage space is your goal, this may not be the right style for you. Because of the minimalistic approach, there is often not much storage space built into the layout/floor plan for this style.

Once all the dots are connected, you will feel cozy and relaxed in a decluttered Japandi space.


3.  Dark Academia

This style is very different from the other two discussed in this article. The others are described with minimalist undertones, while Dark Academia is considered a “maximalist” style.

This style trend results in a darker “rich” look and feel. To help you place where you may have seen it before, think about any of the Harry Potter movies. Hogwarts may have started the Dark Academia trend!

The color palette includes deep neutral colors like black, dark brown, forest green and burgundy. A Dark Academia space may be finished off with vintage artwork, window coverings, tufted leather sofas, hardwood floors, and you may even find a wood-paneled library in a home with this style threaded throughout it.

You’re also more likely to find accent and task lighting in spaces like this as opposed to ambient lighting. This style offers a warm, artistic, maximalist feel for those who aren’t looking for light, airy or minimalist.

Maybe you’ve found a few things about these styles you love. Maybe you’re a trendsetter and have created your own style! After all, some of the most popular style trends started by combining multiple styles into one collective design style.

No matter what your preferences may be, the right Design Build remodeler will help you bring it to life how you imagined it. If you want to see how your style fits into a kitchen or bathroom, you can use this free Visualizer tool . It gives you the unique opportunity to see how your preferred flooring, cabinets, countertops, paint colors and more look in a space.

If you have any questions about home design style trends or want to discuss your home remodeling ideas, reach out to a remodeling and design professional in your area!