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Moving to a new home or office is an important decision for anyone however, moving logistics can be overwhelming. Hiring a moving company is the easiest way to simplify the moving process. Engaging professional movers not only takes the work of lifting heavy stuff off your shoulders, but it also frees you to focus on other activities.

But, with so many companies now offering moving services, how do you find the most credible company to hire? Below, we explore five things you need to consider when hiring a moving company:

  1. Reputation of The Moving Company 

When you hire a moving company, you entrust it to handle everything you have in your home or office. As such, you need to hire a credible company like Marathon Moving & Storage that has a good reputation. Reputation reflects the quality of services you can expect to receive from it. You can tell whether a moving company is credible by reading customer testimonials reviews.

You can also ask friends and family members who have hired moving services before for ideas on which moving companies to hire. Since these are people who have experienced moving services first hand, their reviews will give you an idea of the quality of service you can expect from different companies.

  1. Legitimacy of The Moving Company

Before hiring a moving company, consider doing due diligence to ascertain the company you have identified is legit. The internet has made it easy for individuals to pose as businesses that promise customers services, then take their money and disappear.

To avoid being scammed, ask the moving companies that you wish to hire about their license and insurance. Checking whether the companies have these documents assures you of their legitimacy to operate in the state.

It also means the moving company has staff who are well trained or skilled to do the job. This is important because, if you want to insure your things against damage during the moving process, insurance companies will only compensate you if the moving company involved is legitimate.

  1. Presence of Lifting Equipment and Staff

If you plan on moving big, heavy items, you need to check whether the company you’re considering hiring has the necessary moving tools and equipment to move them safely. Check whether it has elastic straps, box carts moving blankets, forearm forklifts, and pads.

Also, ensure that the moving company has enough staff to move, unpack, and arrange your stuff. If you think the company should provide ten people to do the job, talk to the firm about it to see whether it can provide that number of staff. Better still, visit the firm to discuss the matter.

  1. Pricing of Moving Services

When you’re hiring a moving company, you want to find one that charges an amount that’s within your budget. Once you identify a list of moving companies, take time to find out which of them offers the service you want at a price that suits your price range. The best way to do this is to screen each company.

Get their phone numbers and reach out to them. Ask about their charges – this will give you an idea of the average amount you’ll need to pay for moving services. Compare prices from at least three companies before you make a decision. When reviewing prices from different companies, it’s obvious that you’ll be tempted to hire the company that charges the least amount.

Before you decide to hire such a company, ensure there are no hidden costs that the company hasn’t included in their fees. Find out whether there are factors that would affect the quoted amounts. Once you are clear about these issues, you’ll be able to make an informed hiring decision.

  1. Ease of Contacting the Moving Company

When hiring a moving company, you need to consider how easy it is to contact it before and during the moving process. Depending on where your stuff will be moving to, you may or may not accompany your stuff. This means the company you hire should be easy to reach, and even kind enough to respond to any questions you might have during the process. Pay attention to these qualities when looking for a moving company.

Final Thoughts

When you’re planning to move, one of the things you must think about is how your items will reach your new location. Often, you’ll consider two options – to move the items through your means or to hire a moving company.

The second option offers you more benefits. It lifts the burden of carrying your items from the current location to the new one. However, you’ll need to hire the right moving company for your stuff to be moved smoothly. Pay attention to the five things discussed above to get a credible company to handle your next moving job.