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In a world that’s more interconnected than ever, cars are hitting the road, or should we say, highways, in style. Transporting cars interstate has become as trendy as avocado toast, and the automotive industry is buzzing with excitement. People are ditching local dealerships and hitting the open road to get their dream rides from faraway places.  

Buckle up, because in this article, we’re diving into the thrilling journey of the coolest cars that crossed state lines last year. We’ll uncover what’s fueling this trend and explore the dazzling lineup that stole the show.

Why are cars hitting the interstate more than ever?

Wondering why vehicles are hitting the interstate now more than ever? Well,  Let’s take a pit stop and find out:

1.    Virtual Showrooms

The internet has unleashed a whirlwind of change in the world of car shopping. It’s like stepping into a candy store where every sweet ride you desire is just a click away. Welcome to the age of virtual showrooms, where your dream car is no longer just a dream. Imagine sipping your morning coffee in your pajamas while browsing sleek sports cars in Italy or rugged off-roaders in the Australian outback. The world is your oyster, and the cars are your pearls. 

Gone are the days of settling for what’s available down the street. Now, you can explore the global car market without leaving your comfy couch. Want a classic Mustang from a vintage dealer in Texas? Or maybe a futuristic electric vehicle from a cutting-edge manufacturer in China? It’s all within your digital reach. So, why limit yourself to local options when you can take a virtual road trip through a world of cars? The online highway awaits, and your dream ride is just a few clicks away!

2.    Specialized Transport Services

Car transport companies have become the unsung heroes of the automotive world. They offer a smorgasbord of options, from open carriers for everyday cars to swanky enclosed transport for those high-end beauties. Your ride gets the red carpet treatment! But hey, don’t just take our word for it. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the demand for specialized car transport services is skyrocketing. It’s not just about getting your car from point A to point B anymore; it’s about doing it in style. 

Imagine your prized vintage Mustang nestled snugly in a luxury enclosed trailer, shielded from the elements and any roadside dust devils. Or perhaps you’re sending your trusty family SUV cross-country on an open carrier, joining a convoy of vehicles on an epic road trip, albeit one where you’re flying instead of driving. So, next time you need to transport your car, think beyond the gas pedal and consider the specialized services that make your car feel like a superstar on tour!

3.    The Price is Right

Interstate shipping isn’t just for the deep-pocketed jet-setters anymore; it’s like a shopping spree without the hefty price tags! Thanks to competitive pricing, you can now snag your dream machine without staging a heist on your piggy bank. Remember when owning a car from another state felt like an exclusive club for the elite? Well, the doors are wide open now, and everyone’s invited to the party! Whether you’re eyeing a vintage classic or the latest electric wonder, affordability is the name of the game. 

Why settle for local deals when you can shop the entire country for the ride of your dreams? With prices that won’t make your wallet run for cover, it’s a buyer’s paradise out there. So, go ahead, dream big, and let your budget stretch as far as the open road.

Top 12 Cars Shipped Interstate Last Year

The U.S Department of Transportation says the demand for interstate car shipping is hotter than ever, and it’s not hard to see why. These cars, from eco-friendly Teslas to rugged off-roaders, are the trailblazers of the interstate shipping frenzy. Now, rev up your engines, because we’re about to introduce you to the champions, the awesome cars that were shipped interstate last year:

1.    Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is the electric dream machine of the century. With its eco-friendly performance, sleek design, and futuristic tech, it’s no wonder people are shipping it across the nation. The Model 3 isn’t just a car; it’s a beacon of sustainable driving that knows no bounds.

2.   Ford F-150

If you’ve got a thing for the classics, the Ford F-150 is your knight in shining armor. Known for its toughness and versatility, this pickup truck is a road trip superstar. Folks looking for the perfect work buddy often cruise past their local dealerships and send F-150s on a cross-country adventure.

3.   Toyota Camry

Reliable, fuel-efficient, and charming—meet the Toyota Camry. Commuters and families adore it, and it’s a top choice wherever you go. It’s not unusual for fans of the Camry to go the extra mile, or in this case, the extra state, to snag the perfect one.

4.   Jeep Wrangler

For the adventurers and thrill-seekers, the Jeep Wrangler is the Holy Grail. Its iconic design and off-road prowess make it a road trip legend. Jeep enthusiasts don’t just drive; they embark on an epic quest, sometimes across state lines, to make the Wrangler theirs.

5.   Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is like that trusty friend who’s always there for you. Known for its affordability and impressive resale value, it’s a top pick for those seeking a reliable and budget-friendly ride. Shipping your Civic from afar is just part of the adventure!

6.   BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is the epitome of luxury and performance. Enthusiasts looking for a taste of the good life often opt for interstate shipping to snag their dream BMW. Whether it’s a sporty sedan or a sleek convertible, the 3 Series caters to those with a need for speed and style.

7.   Chevrolet Silverado

Just like the F-150, the Chevrolet Silverado is a truck hero. It’s the embodiment of power and versatility, and it’s a hot ticket across the nation. Fans of the Silverado don’t mind a little extra mileage if it means getting the exact model they desire. 

8.   Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback, with its rugged charm and all-wheel-drive wizardry, is a hit among outdoor enthusiasts and those who brave harsh weather conditions. It’s no surprise that fans of the Outback are willing to chase it to the ends of the earth, or at least to the next state.

9.   Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is where luxury meets practicality. It’s a top pick in the premium SUV category, and those who appreciate sophistication and cutting-edge tech often opt for interstate shipping to claim their prized Q5.

10. Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is more than a car; it’s an American sports car legend. Collectors and aficionados are known to go the distance, literally, to acquire specific models, limited editions, or unique customizations. The Corvette’s timeless allure transcends mere geography.

11.  Lexus RX

Luxury on wheels, the Lexus RX is the epitome of refined design and plush comfort. Those seeking a dash of opulence in their daily drive often opt for interstate shipping to have the latest RX models delivered to their doorstep.

12. Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is a rising star in the compact SUV world. With its value, fuel efficiency, and spacious cargo hold, it has won hearts across the country. Fans in search of a practical and wallet-friendly SUV often choose interstate shipping to secure their favorite Rogue trims.


Interstate car shipping is the hottest trend in town. As online car marketplaces and transport services continue to evolve, the excitement is only growing. The top cars that embarked on cross-country adventures last year represent the diverse tastes of buyers across the United States. Whether you’re hunting for eco-conscious electric cars, rugged trucks, luxurious sedans, or practical SUVs, the open road is calling your name. The thrill of finding the perfect vehicle from anywhere in the country underscores the accessibility and convenience of interstate car shipping in today’s dynamic automotive world. So, what are you waiting for? Your dream car could be just a highway away!