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A minimalist style home is a style of decorating that emphasizes the taste and preferences of its owner. It’s about being comfortable in your space, making it an extension of yourself and whatever you need from within. The maximalist trend has been steadily picking up steam for years now, with many people feeling this self-expressive style suits their personality. Maximalism is an art form combining the aesthetics of minimalism and maximalism. Its main concept is to express one’s individuality through a maximalist environment, which can often be achieved by incorporating patterns, textures, and colors. This blog will explore what this style is in more detail and provide you with tips on creating your own unique space!


What is Maximalism?

Maximalists are people who enjoy using as many patterns, colors, and textures in their space as possible. Maximalism has been steadily picking up steam for years now. It’s an art form that combines the aesthetics of minimalism with those of maximalism. The main concept behind this style is to decorate with full details and items. Maximalism is all about exploring the art of using as many belongings, colors, and textures in the form of furnishing, area rugs, and accessories. The idea behind this style is to create an environment that has maximum details and items.


Decorating with Maximum Details

To get started on your maximalist design, you need to have the following list of supplies on hand:

  • At least one white wall in your home to act as a canvas for the design. Think of it like an artist’s palette that gets wiped clean with each new idea.
  • Paint, paintbrushes, and other painting supplies so you can start adding color everywhere.
  • A large number of items from a variety of different categories.
  • White walls are the canvas for your maximalist design.


Patterns and Styles

Maximalists are all about using a lot of patterns and styles in their space. They use as many different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes as possible to create an environment with maximum details. It is about using maximum impact. The style is all about using a lot of different things to create one cohesive look. They need to choose not only patterns but also styles when decorating their space.


Art, Art, and Art

Maximalism is not just about using a lot of different items in one space. It’s also about the abundance of art and beauty all around you. There are no bare walls or surfaces, only things that create an explosive burst of color and patterns to make your home feel like it has limitless potential.


Aesthetic Purposes

The maximal style is inspired by the aesthetic qualities of art and beauty. It’s about taking a lot of different pieces and making them work together to create one cohesive, multi-dimensional look that is just as beautiful from afar as it is up close.


Maximizing Space with Pattern

The style maximizes space by using patterns in wallpaper, carpets, patterned Persian rugs, and colorful furniture to fill up the room. It is like filling a room with your favorite things and then adding a few more to make it feel like an explosion of color.


Paint Colors for Living Spaces

You can use a maximalist style to create different atmospheres in your home. For example, you might want the master bedroom to be serene and quiet with light colors and less pattern on the walls while using more patterns for a child’s room. Moreover, this style often uses bright colors, such as lime green and orange, as accent pieces, but it can also be done in more muted tones like blues and greys.


Patterns on Curtains or Blinds

The maximalist look will typically be an ideal fit for a room with heavy curtains or blinds. This is because it’s easier to use patterns on these items without the fear of overwhelming your space too much. Also, the curtains will act as a nice contrast to the minimalist furniture that you might have in your living room or bedroom.


Patterned Rugs and Wall Hangings

Maximalism typically means adding things and then adding a few more to make it feel like an explosion of color in a particular area. It is filling a space with color, pattern, and art. When you’re living in a space where there’s not much going on, adding these elements will make your place feel more alive. Patterned Rugs and Wall Hangings are great ways to add some color into the room without painting or wallpaper everything. The maximalist style is often considered too busy for smaller spaces with more limited budgets, but you can still use it in smaller doses by adding a few patterned pillows or fabric wall hangings.


The Maximal Style On the Accent Wall

The maximal style perfectly fits when you have a large, open space with less furniture or art. By hanging one big painting in the center of the room, you can fill up an entire wall and add some color to your home. The technique is great for people who don’t want any clutter but still want something interesting and colorful decorating their walls. Besides, you can also paint the wall color to achieve the same effect.


Maximal Furniture Style

The maximal home decor is about big and bold furniture. Go for a larger sofa that can accommodate many people, or even better yet, go for two sofas facing each other with some space between them to create the perfect living room seating area. The right coffee table is also essential – preferably one made from glass or metal, which won’t take up too much space.


A Maximal Style Entrance

The entrance is the first impression of your home, so make it a grand one. Invest in some beautiful doorways and lintels to create an entrance that is as welcoming as possible. A framed mirror on the wall can also give you a glimpse of yourself before entering your house – check out Maximalist Interiors on Pinterest for more great ideas!


Wrapping Up

The ” maximalist ” style is perfect when you want to create a warm and inviting ambiance in your home. The “maximalist” style is perfect. Incorporating textures like rugs with different patterns while still using neutral colors can bring this look together so well! Check out RugKnots for some of our favorite options. How do you make your house feel cozy? Leave us comments below or on social media with #RugKnots!