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Have you ever taken a minute to look at the history of scrapbooking? Well, it has been around since the 15th century with the invention of the printing press. People would keep critical documents between the family bible pages for safekeeping.

Later, Europeans popularized what they called Commonplace books. Such contained quotes, recipes, letters, and more.

And to date, scrapbooking continues to be relevant. There is something special about lovingly pasting memories onto scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking also provides an excellent creative outlet. Personalizing the pages with visual representations of your life is a precious gift worth clinging to.

We will show you how to create scrapbooks on a budget by sharing where to get scrapping supplies.


Scrapping Supplies on a Budget

If scrapbooking takes a huge bite out of your budget, the chances of sustaining it are nil. One of the first things you need to know is where to find pocket-friendly scrapping supplies. Please check out Craft Direct for scrapbooking papers, scrapbooking stickers, and other scrapbooking tools.

You get the convenience of finding everything you need on one platform. That frees you from having to source from multiple stores for scrapping supplies.

Also, as we promised, the prices are very friendly. You can enjoy scrapping, whether alone or with loved ones, without spending much money.

So, what scrapping supplies will you need to stock up on?


Scrapbook Binder or Album

The first item on your scrapping supplies list should be a scrapbook binder or album. You will need a safe and convenient way to hold the scrapbooking paper.

The D or three-ring binders make it easy to insert or remove papers. But ensure they have page protectors to keep the papers safe from damage.

Damage can occur due to exposure to stains or dust. There is also the chance that the little ones can tear the pages if they lay their curious hands on the scrapbook papers.


Scrapbooking Papers

Scrapbooking papers are the backbone of your projects. If you don’t have them, where will you stick your most precious collection of memories?

When choosing scrapbooking papers, go for those that will look great for a long time. Low-quality paper will turn yellow and may end up damaging your precious collections. Check that the papers are lignin and acid-free.

Cardstocks are good quality, heavy-weight papers. They will not damage or bend at the edges easily.

When it comes to color, it will all depend on the theme and your preference.  If creating a scrapbook for your newborn daughter, then pink will be a good color choice. Feel free and let your personality and creativity shine through.

Finally, decide whether you want a solid color or patterned paper. The latter has the advantage of coming in a range of textures, themes, and designs. Patterned paper add a decorative aspect to the layout. But you may want to use them sparingly, so they don’t overwhelm the other elements.


Stickers and Embellishments

Some scrapbook papers come with stickers.

Scrapbooking with stickers has several advantages.

  • There is the convenience of not needing to purchase stickers separately. That in itself brings up another benefit of saving some money.
  • You can find a large variety of colors, designs, and sizes
  • The stickers can provide excellent inspiration if you are running out of ideas.

If you don’t want the scrapbooking with sticker’s option, purchase embellishments separately. Like the case above, there are many choices. Look at your theme, then decide what would work well for your scrapbook. You can find jewelry cutouts, flower embellishments, and more.

Here is a tip to save you some scrapping money. Use online platforms like YouTube for some excellent DIY embellishment creation ideas. The cash you save can go into stocking up on other scrapping supplies.


Scrapbooking Tools

Stock up on the following scrapbooking tools.


Adhesives like liquid glue, double-sided tape, glue stick, or tape runners. Many have manufacturer recommendations on the type to use depending on the paper.

It is also critical that you choose a good quality one. A scrapbook is something that should last generations. So, ensure the adhesive can hold the photos or other memories for a long time.

Scissors or Trimmers

A pair of scissors will be a handy tool for cutting photos and other additions to your scrapbook. The other alternative is to use a trimmer. If this is a better option for you, look for those with replaceable blades.

If you have ever used a knife to cut papers you know that they dull sharp edges very fast. This is especially true for glossy, printer paper, and recycled paper. It is quite difficult to use a dull blade to get precise cuts.


Pens are also essential for your scrapbooking. Ensure the pens you choose are waterproof and fade-proof. You don’t want the names or dates to fade after a few years.

Remember you will share the memories with your grand or great-grandkids. Getting the details right will add more depth to your stories. But if the writing has faded, your only reference point will be your memory. And as we all know, memory tends to get a bit sketchy the older we get.

Hole or Paper Punch

If you are using a ring album, you will need to punch holes into the papers. But that is not the only functionality you can get out of the paper punch. Create a series of holes and string decorative ribbons through, for a more stylish look.

Some paper punch designs allow for the creation of decorative borders on the paper.


Having your printer is convenient for when you need photos or printouts. But if you already have a printer, you don’t need to buy a specific one for your scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Storage

Think about how you want to store your scrapbooks. It should be a safe place to avoid damage.

You can opt to display them on the bookshelf or get a scrapbook storage solution. Such include stacking trays, boxes, file folders, or plastic drawers.


Final Thoughts

Store and share your memories and special moments with a scrapbook. We have shared some basic, budget-friendly scrapbooking supplies above.

You will love every minute you spend putting together the scrapbook. But even better is the nostalgia that comes with sharing the content with those you love.