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Squirreling away money for some home improvements? Facing some unwelcome guests and need advice about how to proceed? You are in the right place! Within this article, you will find everything you need to complete any out-standing work on your property and garden. From humane pest removal services to information about the sneaky creatures to look out for, there is a suggestion here for everyone.

As ‘Winter is Coming’, ensuring that your property is warm and cozy is of utmost importance. However, you aren’t the only ones looking for a warm place to shelter during the colder months.


Unwelcome pests taking over…

Vast and vibrant cities are home to hundreds of thousands of people, with thousands of animals also calling the city home. While in some cities they have grappled with the raccoon population for years, there are a few other furry friends making their presence known. Another critter often found in the city (and suburbs alike) is the squirrel. Across the globe cities and towns play host to a wide variety of squirrel species, and these little confidantes are prevalent just about everywhere.

Whether scurrying across the streets, or bouncing from branch to branch, the question to ask yourself; when is the right time to intervene? How do you remove the animal/s from your home without causing them or yourself any distress? When looking for top squirrel removal services, we have a few suggestions.


Who you gonna call?

When unsure on how to proceed with squirrel-proofing your home, it is always best to contact a professional agency or company to assist with your request. We contacted the multi-award-winning company based in Toronto, SWAT Wildlife for some of their tips. They have experience in dealing with all creatures great and small. From squirrels and rats, through to raccoons, this company helps homeowners rid their home of any unwelcome visitors. They recommend you consult an expert to help with animal removal.  They can then work with you to offer a full plan to help protect your entire home in the future including hidden and hard to reach areas you may not think of including insulation, crawl spaces and soffits. Having a professional service like this assist will help to remove animals from your home in a safe, humane way. They will possess an understanding of the different species of squirrel who reside alongside you in the city, and the adequate ways to safely remove them from your residence.


What are the signs?

It is often difficult to know if there are a collection of creatures living in your attic, especially if you cannot hear them. While bigger animals like raccoons can be heard scuttling around the garden, squirrels tend to be the silent ramblers of the animal world. They can dart across a garden and up a tree faster than you can say Canada. Similar to raccoons, squirrels will happily take residence in an unused chimney or small space. Swat Wildlife suggests if you can safely peek into the area from which you hear noises or suspect entry, look for droppings or urine, nests made of paper, leaves or twigs or disturbed insulation.

Furthermore, squirrels do not hibernate like other creatures such as the hedgehog. They can be attracted to the comfort of your home year-round, so it is best to be prepared. Just like us humans, pests are looking for shelter and warmth in the colder, winter months. As homeowners (or renters) is is important to keep preventative measure in mind too like proper sanitation and home maintenance.  Keep trash secured if stored outside and clean up debris such as leaves and grass clippings and don’t store piles of firewood right next to your home.  There are a number of ways that you can help these animals find shelter, all while looking after your property.