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The housing market in popular countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and worldwide is booming exponentially. Every year some new trends take over the past innovations and become the talk of the industry. This year too, a few new trends have come to light. Here are the top trending home-building designs that have captured the attention of homeowners as well as custom home builders.


Top Home Building Trends of 2023


Putting Open Floor Plans Away:


Last year was all about having open–concept homes, which allowed for no privacy and only minimal storage space. In practicality, open home design is a complete nightmare and takes months of mind work. So, this year it’s all about creating more privacy and rooms. 


Several studies indicate that around 43% of homeowners have remodeled their open-spaced kitchen and created rooms out of it. This provides more privacy and storage space in the house. Homeowners have been hiring custom home builders to use this trend at its full potential.


Biophilic Design


Next on the list of top home-building trends 2023 is Biophilic design, which aims to create a powerful connection between people and nature by incorporating natural elements into architectural styles. This environmentally conscious approach has gained popularity among homeowners looking to bring nature inside the building.


Key Features of Biophilic Design:


  • Natural Light: Biophilic design emphasizes using natural light sources like skylights, light shelves, and window walls to reduce dependence on artificial lighting. 
  • Earthy Colors: Biophilic design incorporates earthy colors such as green, grey, and brown, which reflect the hues found in nature, fostering a deeper connection with the natural environment.
  • Curved Shapes: Biophilic design integrates curved shapes, such as columns, arches, and rounded furniture, to create a sense of harmony and fluidity, echoing the organic forms found in nature. These elements contribute to a more tranquil and balanced living space. 


Prioritizing Kitchen Functionality


The importance of kitchen functioning is a major current trend in home construction. Well-known professional home builders in Edmonton region have addressed the demand for long-term utility and aesthetic appeal. Homeowners are looking for worktops, cabinets, and appliances that offer practicality and aesthetics because kitchens may rapidly become obsolete.   

The kitchen island is one common option that exemplifies adaptability. It may be used as a meeting place, office, eating area, countertop, or cooking area, among other things. Homeowners want to upgrade their kitchen islands by including extra amenities like 


  • Drawers 
  • Outlets  
  • Cupboards 
  • Built-in Refrigerators and Dishwashers  


Leaning Towards Arches and Curves


Embrace the Curve! It’s time to bid farewell to the era of straight lines and angular designs. The latest interior design trend is about curves and is here to stay. From curvy couches that invite you to sink in and relax to the architectural marvels of arched windows, barrel-vault ceilings, and gracefully arched entryways, curves are taking the world of home building by storm in 2023.


Why are curves gaining popularity? 

They can remarkably soften the harshness of straight lines and sharp angles that dominated modern homes for far too long. These curvaceous elements add a touch of elegance, fluidity, and visual interest to any space. They create a sense of movement and harmony, transforming a room into a captivating sanctuary.


The Ultimate Multipurpose Rooms:


Since the advent of Covid, our lives and ways of planning have drastically changed. The rise of remote work has led to a growing demand for multipurpose rooms, revolutionizing our lifestyles with their remarkable versatility and adaptability. Picture a room that effortlessly shifts from a cozy home office to a vibrant entertainment hub or a serene yoga retreat.


With clever design solutions and innovative furniture, multipurpose rooms offer the perfect blend of functionality and style, enabling homeowners to maximize their space. This year, people have embraced these rooms’ flexibility and freedom, eagerly seeking homes that can evolve alongside their ever-changing needs.


Bold Colors Take Center Stage:


Injecting vibrant bursts of bold colors into homes is currently high on the priority list for homeowners and custom home builders have been embracing it. It’s not just about painting walls there are few more impactful options you can go for:


  • Textured wall materials
  • Striking features
  • Eye-catching backsplashes


You can also go for bold colors for decorating your walls. While using bold colors might raise concerns about long-term appeal, finding the right balance can make it work.  


  • Opt for bold shades that harmonize with multiple color palettes to ensure longevity. This allows you to refresh your decor without your standout color overwhelming the overall aesthetic.  
  • Embracing bold colors requires courage, but it’s one of the most effective ways to infuse your home with a distinctive and unique personality.  


Dare to be different, and let your home radiate with vibrant charm.


Final Words


The 2023 home construction trends are reshaping how people design their living spaces. Homeowners prioritize privacy and storage, moving away from open floor plans. The demand for biophilic design is surging as individuals seek a stronger connection with nature at home.  


Functional kitchens with versatile islands and vertical storage are essential. Curves and arches add elegance to modern designs. Multipurpose rooms adapt to remote work and flexible lifestyles. Vibrant colors inject personality into homes. Embracing these trends creates stylish, personalized homes that reflect individual tastes and needs. Connect with reputable custom home builders like Sterling Homes to incorporate the latest trends.