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Our societies have grown and become so incredibly modern that most of us don’t think about our simplistic roots as mankind. We started many thousands of years ago with very primitive structures like pyramids and huts and carts attached to oxen that we lugged around to do jobs. Though while many people don’t realize this, another thing that’s been with us just as long has been the concept of plumbing. That’s right; as far back as ancient Rome, we had sewers and running water and sink drainage. As one might imagine, those primitive methods needed constant work to keep them viable. Truthfully, not a whole lot has changed in that specific regard. Pipes still need to be mended; issues need solving.


This leads a lot of people into this field, where they want to make it a career. Either as an everyday plumber, work with a company like CalgaryPlumberandDrains.com, or perhaps even getting into emergency plumbing, all sorts of people think about this all the time. Though is being a plumber actually a good career? Let’s have a look at the topic.

5 Reasons Why Being a Plumber is a Solid Career


1: Everyone Needs a Plumber

Water is the most powerful force on our planet. Over time, it’s going to break pipes down and cause issues, so everyone is eventually going to need a plumber. Pipes are finite. Even the new materials used in CPVC and other sorts of pipes won’t last forever. Not to mention that many pipes are in the ground and susceptible to all sorts of damage. Basically, it’s a job that always needs doing, and becoming a plumber means that you will always be in demand.


2: Niche Plumbing is In Demand

Plumbers often find themselves in need of specialty skills. For instance, there are plumbers who deal more with eco-friendly stuff like low-flow devices and solar water heaters, and so they’re specially trained and can charge for that skill. Then there’s emergency plumbing, where the plumber might need to rush into someone’s basement at 3 in the morning to take care of a busted pipe. As you might imagine, these niche categories demand more of a charge than your basic plumber’s jobs, so you’re able to capitalize here and charge more.


3: The Pay’s Good

Another big reason that being a plumber is going to be a good career choice is that it pays well. Even if you were to go work with someone else’s company, you could still end up making well over the average salary. Most full-time plumbers are making at least $70k annually. This might not be a fortune, but this is just for a plumber. Now, imagine you own the entire company and have high-end clientele. You could be in for a very lucrative career.


4: Be Your Own Boss

There are a lot of polling places that like to ask retirees and older people questions, and one of the most popular questions is: “Were you happy working for someone else?” The vast majority of people wish that they could have been their own boss, rather than answering to someone else, but few people actually get that chance. A plumber does. As a plumber, you are your own boss and you’re the one who sets the rules, sets the hours, the pricing, etc. It offers you a lot more freedom than being an employee.


5: Huge Growth Potential

When you see articles, web pages, commercials and other media advertising a plumber company, you might not realize that the vast majority used to never be that popular. They almost always start out as a single person, or a small group of people, with a business license, some tools, a van, and some knowledge about the industry. Over time, they grow and gain employees and become a legitimate business that advertises to the public. These companies aren’t born successful, they build themselves up, and this is one genre where the growth potential is huge.


The bottom line here is that being a plumber can be a very lucrative career. You can set your own hours, be your own poss, and there’s huge potential to grow to become extremely successful. Though in the meantime, when you need a quality plumber, make sure you only go with the best in the business.