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Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive things you can do as a homeowner. Although it would be incredible if your roof would simply last forever, this isn’t feasible for any roof out there. Whether your roof is low-pitched or covered in countless gables and fields: we want this surface to last.


Many are turning to roof coating to get this job done: but is this the right choice for you?  Here’s how to know.

What Is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is a sealant covering your roof and stopping rain, water, wind, or debris from affecting it. Although your shingles are already there to block most of this: no roof is perfect.


You can find coatings made of everything from silicone to acrylic, and it’s applied in dozens of different ways to ensure that every corner of your roof is covered and safe.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop heat loss; that’s something you’ll have to pay attention to when building your roof and insulating your roof and attic. Good insulation will ensure that your home stays at a flat temperature, and a good roof coating will ensure that nothing leaks through to ruin that.


Although it’s best when applied to a newer roof, you can apply it to a roof of nearly any age. The main thing that matters is that the roof is in good shape before you apply the coating, to ensure it doesn’t leak in before it dries.


How Long Does The Average Roof Last?

The average roof can last between ten to thirty years: an admittedly large gap. Unfortunately, the more storm-prone your area is, the more likely you’ll have to look into roof repairs before it would normally be time to replace it.


A roof coating, when applied by an expert, can last between ten and twenty years: which could extend the life and look of your roof. Instead of replacing it in twenty years, you can simply remove the current coating and put another down. The right roofing contractor will be able to discuss what type of coating would do the best on your roof and help extend its life.


How Do These Prices Stack Up?

The average cost of coating your roof can be between two hundred to two thousand dollars. This can extend your roof, though! If it saves you from even one roof repair, then it can save you ten to thirty thousand dollars per skipped replacement. This is a lot of money you shouldn’t leave sitting on the table.


Although a brand new roof can increase your home’s value: so can a roof that’s been coated to last. A roof that’s been coated, especially if the roof itself is new, can give buyers a chance to ensure that the home they’re buying won’t need a roof replacement or repair for years.


Is It Safe For Your Family?

In the short term and long term: roof coating is completely safe for most households. Although some fumes may come off while it’s being applied, these don’t last for longer than twelve hours and will quickly dissipate.


In the long term, the ability to keep moisture and mold out of your roof means that the interior of your home will have cleaner air and less of a chance of getting anyone sick. The resistance against leaks also protects your home from flooding or roof cave-ins, which can be disastrous for health.


What Roofs Is It Best For?

Although you can find a good coating for nearly any type of roof, you can see the biggest improvements when it’s implemented on flat and low-pitch roofs. These roofs are often harder to replace and are more prone to a buildup of debris and water that can lead to major issues. A great roof coating will protect these roofs and stop them from leaking.


Roof coating is great for any roof, though! You can still have it applied to a roof even if it’s steep or has many angles to it. The best thing about a good roof coating is that it lasts and works well regardless of the roof you put it on.


How Long Does It Take to Apply and Last?


A roof coating can take a few hours to apply, depending on the size of your roof, and then eight to twenty-four hours to dry fully. This is nothing compared to the average roof replacement, which takes anywhere from two to five days to complete. Although you can’t guarantee a roof lasting forever, even steel roofs have a limit; you can make them last longer and work better with a coating to protect them.


Roof Coating Is a Great Way To Save Money

Although it may seem like extra work and money that most wouldn’t want to spend: it’s a fantastic addition to most homes.