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A durable, corrosion-resistant, impenetrable, and attractive roofing structure is what your home needs. Nothing does this better than a liquid roofing system. These systems come in different forms: fiberglass (GRP), liquid plastic, and liquid rubber. Finding a reliable installer will make the structures fitting and functional at your building.

The liquid applied roofs are a perfect solution for waterproofing needs. At the same time, any new flat roofing will benefit as well. It is common to find in modern homes an overlay of the liquid applied roof on an existing roof structure. When dealing with a large project, going for the liquid waterproofing membrane is a great idea. Which are some of the critical benefits of these modern roofing systems?

Applied at Time of Year

Many roofing or roofing finishing projects tend to occur at certain times of the year, mostly in favourable seasons such as summer and spring. This is to make the structures have the correct strength. It doesn’t happen in liquid waterproofing systems, as you can apply them all year round. The only requirements are temperatures above zero degrees Celsius. It makes the system a proper choice for winter.


Ease of Maintenance and Repair

Typically, the liquid roofing system doesn’t need a flame or any form of heating for the repair to occur. It means that a repair team can quickly proceed with their work without interfering with the safety of the people within the building. This makes them ideal for commercial roofing repairs.

Also, the repairing or maintenance work takes place expressly on where the problem is. It means that repairers don’t need to remove large roof sections when fixing the problem, like when dealing with most roofing materials. As a result, the maintenance and repairs costs are relatively low.


Instant Waterproofing

Many materials need time to harden or glue-up upon installation. This means they cannot be resistant to leaks within the first few days or even hours. With these liquid roofing systems, you end up getting instant waterproofing to the roof. The maximal time for this to happen is only two hours, making them elemental for emergency repair needs.


Good Elasticity and Tensile Strength


The variances of environmental temperatures from hot to cold at times result in the expansion and contraction of the material. With time, it slowly results in the development of cracks. This is why the excellent elasticity of a material is significant. Liquid waterproofing systems are ideal in coping with external temperature fluctuations. This means that the roofing will be resistant to the development of cracks. What is essential is correct installation.

The other important application is on the complex detailing work of roofs. Since the liquid can effortlessly fill the tiniest spaces, it becomes a suitable option for projects which need total sealing of surfaces. Its ability to form ideally on surfaces is making the use of liquid membrane trendy.


The liquid waterproof systems are game-changing when it comes to roofing projects. They are easy to do repairs and maintain as they require no flames. Also, they are very economical and excellent in waterproofing. The material has typically outstanding attributes such as good tensile strength and elasticity, which makes them durable.