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If you are planning to buy or rent a small apartment. Fitting in everything you need can be difficult. Trying to fit everything and also making it look cute is an even bigger challenge. But that’s what makes small space design so fun. Coming up with clever solutions to those obstacles while doing it, makes it all the more rewarding in the end. Whether you live in a small apartment or want to get more from a small room in your house. These interior design ideas will make it feel so much larger while maintaining your style. If you want to build a corner for yourself. You will only have to choose what fits you best. And what corner will be yours.


Be careful with your color pallet

Choosing a color pallet for your apartment is usually overlooked. Everyone is focused on the individual furniture and decor. But colors can help you not only in looking fresh. But the colors you choose will help you make an illusion of your apartment being bigger. Generally, it is highly recommended you consider light colors, such as white and pastels for this. If the apartment you just bought is a little older you can always refresh it to look brand new. It is very easy to do so and you will fall in love with the results.


Color pallet for your interior design ideas

When you want to create an illusion that your apartment is bigger. Don’t forget about the colors of the walls. They can help you successfully do that. Of course, if you don’t want white and pastels colors. You can choose whatever color is speaking to you.


In this case, mirrors are a friend to you

TB Moving & Storage NYC can help you move your mirrors and other belongings without damage so you are secured and don’t need to worry about that. Mirrors can and will make your room larger. They create an illusion of depth as they bounce light deep into your apartment. So don’t be scared to put more than 2 in your apartment. They can be anywhere you want. For example, on the wall, closet cabinet, wherever you see fit.

Mirror in a room for interior design ideas

In this scenario put as many mirrors as you want in your small apartment because they will help you make the apartment look bigger than it is.


Hang simple design art on the walls

While you are busy with the apartment remodel you can put away all excess items in a storage. This will help you not feel so stress while remodeling your apartment because you can put away things that will otherwise just be in the way. They know that you don’t always need a storage unit for a year and more. So don’t worry about that. You can rent storage on a month-to-month basis. Hanging simple design art will help you express yourself in a small apartment. So don’t just buy and hang any art. Be sure you fall in love with the pieces first. After that, you can choose where to hang them in your small apartment. So just relax and see what is perfect for you.

simple art on the wall

When you are decorating your apartment don’t forget to express yourself with some art on the wall. This will show character and will draw people’s eyes to them and not the size of the room.


One of the great interior design ideas are glass decor

You can use a glass table instead of the usual wooden one. The see-through aspect of the glass allows them to effectively blend in with your room. It’s an extremely simple way to inject an open space feel into your apartment. While we are on the subject of glass. There always comes a time that you need to change the windows but is it messy to do so? When professionals do so then it will not make that much of a mess. If you do it DIY edition then perhaps it will make a mess. You don’t need to just buy the first glass table you see. Make sure it is in your style. There is plenty of designs to choose from.

glass table and flowers for decoration

Buying a glass table instead of the usual wooden table. Can and will make your apartment not only look bigger than it is. But also will give it an open vibe to it


The interior design ideas that will help you out

Some of the ideas that will help you out if you are living in a small apartment. Are to store the belongings that you don’t use day to day basis in a box. And under a piece of larger furniture. This will declutter your apartment with not that much work from your side. And your belongings will be at the reach of your hand if you need them. Doing this will help you stay organized and will save up a lot of space for you. In a small apartment, you already know that the floor space is small. So another way to maximize your storage options while decluttering is tall bookshelves and wall shelves. Books will take up a lot of your storage so this way is better to do. It doesn’t only give you more storage. But gives some character to the apartment when books and your other special pieces are on display.


Make sure you buy multi-purpose furniture

Functionality is very important in decorating small spaces so consider using multi-purpose furniture pieces. To save up some space in your small apartment. You can use coffee tables with storage. A sofa bed instead of a traditional couch. To serve as an extra sleeping bed for guests when they come by. It is only important that you have an idea of what you want your apartment to look like. Also to always keep in mind multi-practical furniture for your small apartment. so it will not be cluttered and will have a more free room. When renovating you will have stress but you can minimalize that feeling. With some tips and tricks. For example, before doing anything make a list and timeline. This will help you out with anxiety. Another thing you can do is hire professionals to do the work for you. They will not only be faster but it will be done without any problems.


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