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Air conditioning units are usually quite fragile. There is a lot that can go wrong with your AC system, even if you are prepared for the worst, and it is not always possible to predict a problem until it suddenly occurs. No matter which system you are using, you sometimes just need repair services.

But how can you tell if you need repairs ahead of time, and what kind of warning signs do common faults show? The more you know, the easier you can prevent a complete breakdown of your AC unit.


Airflow Issues

AC units are all about moving air, so any issues with the airflow can be an obvious sign that something is wrong. Often, the unit is simply blocked or clogged up with something that limits how much air can get through, but that is not always the case.

For example, the fan might have broken and refused to spin, meaning that it is not actively pulling air through the system anymore. There could also be a damaged wire preventing the unit from functioning properly or even a mechanical fault that broke an important part of the system’s design.

Your Energy Costs Are Excessive

During the summer, do you dread seeing your electricity bill? Yes, you can stay cool and comfy all summer long with your air conditioner. But doing so shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. Call us to have a look at your AC if your energy expenditures are much higher this summer than they were at this time last year.

This is a warning that something is causing your air conditioner to operate inefficiently, resulting in longer run times and higher electrical use than is necessary.


Cooling Problems

Even if the airflow is steady, you might run into problems with the cooling system. AC units are known for providing cooler air than room temperature, so if that stops happening and your temperature controls are not making a difference, there might be a fault with the unit.

In this kind of situation, you should get the unit checked by a professional. It could simply be a lack of refrigerant, but even if that is the case, you will want somebody who is experienced enough to actually recharge the refrigerant tanks safely.


Strange Noises

The majority of air conditioners produce little noise when they start up and stop. But significant issues with your cooling system might be indicated by loud, abrupt, or strange sounds.

While whistling or grinding sounds might suggest something more dangerous, rattling or buzzing noises can point to a loose component. A professional tune-up is necessary since this kind of problem seldom resolves itself. Our specialists will identify the issue’s root cause and suggest a fix to keep your family cool and cozy all season long.



Leaks are a very obvious indicator that something is wrong. If your system is suddenly leaking refrigerant, then you have a damaged AC unit in need of serious repairs. In extreme cases, the leaks might actually be causing potential dangers to you and your family, especially if you have pets that might try to eat some of the leaking chemicals.

Call in a professional the moment you notice a leak. You will want to get it repaired as soon as possible, so do not waste time trying to contain the refrigerant unless it poses an immediate threat to a child or pet in your home.


Sour Odors

You should address the problem if you notice unpleasant scents and believe your HVAC system is to blame before it becomes worse. Fortunately, a short diagnostic check will reveal if your air conditioner just needs a tune-up and thorough cleaning, or whether a more sophisticated fix is required.

UV lights may do wonders to get rid of lingering microbial development within your air conditioner. In the ducts, there may be odor problems that may be resolved by duct cleaning.


Spiking Energy Bills

If your energy bills are spiking without any obvious cause, and you have not heard anything about an increase in your local area, then your system might be suffering some issues. You should obviously check for other causes first, just to be sure that you have not been using more power than normal recently.

Once you notice enough warning signs to be convinced that your AC system is damaged, call in a specialist. It is best to track down somebody in your local area, such as specifying an HVAC company in Dallas, TX, if you live there. Local companies can respond faster, which might matter more than you think if your AC system is failing in hot weather conditions.