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The majority of customers, regardless of whether they’ve had the pleasure of hiring a skip container, or an architect who has placed orders for many bins, underestimate the volume of garbage they’ll have to dump. 

One of the best ways to save money when hiring skip bins is to opt for Cheapest skip bin company like Skip Bin Finder or one with larger bins. One motive for this is that, instead of ordering a small bin and later realizing that you have more garbage to dispose of, when you purchase a bigger bin, you will only be paying for the transport cost once. 

With diesel expected to keep increasing throughout the rest season, costs for skip-bins have been currently at their lowest and most affordable they’ve ever had. We’ve given you the reasons larger can be better than smaller when it comes to the hiring of skip bins.


How To Save Money hiring a larger skip for Demolition Sites


Skip Bin Hire


Demolition sites are known for having a variety of bins and swap-overs. Tradespeople and builders are sure that they will reduce costs by purchasing the bin and avoiding hiring several smaller bins over time. 

Heavy waste bins mix permit for the majority of builders’ waste to be placed in the bin, such as bricks, concrete and timber. For construction sites that only require bricks or concrete to be put in the bin, the customers will be delighted in the knowledge that they will save money by renting bins designed for only one kind of waste like 100% concrete, or 100% bricks skip bins.


How to save money by hiring a larger skip for Construction Sites


Skip hire at a low cost is possible on large or small building sites. Tradespeople, builders and commercial accounts can hire skip bins for Melbourne at a reduced cost by placing orders for bins that are larger than 10m3. Big skip bins can handle all types of waste and are the biggest bin that can carry soil. Instead of hiring small skip containers and having to pay for transportation costs for every bin it’s much cheaper to buy a larger bin and then have it available for more time until the project is completed.


How to Save Money by Hiring a Bigger Skip for Landscaping


Skip Bin Hire


Landscapers can avail low-cost and affordable skip bin rental when they reserve skip bins with the Need a Skip Now. Landscapers can book the mix of a heavy, soil or green concrete, brick or concrete skip bin to suit their landscaping plans. Heavy mix bins can handle the majority of waste, including green waste. There is one exception: mix skip bins that are heavy can’t blend with the earth due to it being contaminated by other waste in the bin. 

Green bins are greatly discounted to give you the cheapest and most affordable skip bin hire service. Green bins are able to take small trees, branches, grass, and even plants. Artificial grass is not a recyclable product, and thus is charged an additional fee. 

It is possible to save money on bigger landscaping projects, like removing turf from schools or cricket pitches by ordering larger bins that will be on site for long periods of duration. Instead of hiring smaller bins, and then paying for transportation fees repeatedly, when you choose to hire a larger bin, you’re less likely to need an exchange.


How to save money by hiring a larger skip for Cleaning Up Office and School Ups


In general we’ve noticed that schools do a huge clean-up at the conclusion of the mid-term and towards the end of the academic year. If the school has accumulated tons of garbage or are remodeling their outdoor or indoor space, then larger bins will help save cost in the end since there is no requirement for an exchange.


Skip Bin Hire


Office relocations usually contain a large amount of furniture as well as general garbage to dispose of after moving offices. To handle such a large move, we recommend a big size skip bin that starts at a 21 cubic-meter bin. Biggest hook bin for general waste in offices is a 31 cubic meters bin. It is the ideal bin for large-scale moves and projects. When you rent such a massive bin, you can be assured that you’ll only have to pay for the transportation cost one time rather than having to fit all office waste in smaller bags.




The majority of customers underestimate the amount of trash they accumulate. Having a bigger dumpster can help you save money as you only pay for transportation costs one time.